Mobile devices let you send text, voice, pictures, and video—but nothing lets you easily combine all of the above into a concise message that clearly communicates context and emotion. ZapVM’s patent pending technology allows you to quickly and easily combine your photos, voice and visual annotations to clearly communicate a message, tell a story or highlight an important detail. ZapVM lets you create and share visual messages simply and with immediacy. Just speak, swipe and zoom through your photos to create a compelling video message, up to 90 seconds* long.

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Create a Zap Visual Message in realtime with gestures and actions you already know and use:
• Narrate while swiping through up to 10 images.
• Reposition and infinite zoom to reframe photos in realtime.
• Activate the live graphic pointer to highlight important details.
• Amplify and decorate your images with built in graphics tools, stickers and captions.
• Customize the automated Signature Clip to add a personal or professional touch.

With ZapVM, you own and control your content. You decide with whom and how to share. Render and store your messages privately on your device (no internet connection required); share directly with social networks, friends, family, co-workers and customers; conveniently upload and share Zap Links via email, text and popular social media apps simultaneously using ZapVM’s online Share Pages. Submit Zaps for examples or contests. Optional two-step authentication provides an added level of security for registered users.

The Nifty ZapVM Graphics Toolbox includes:
• Freehand Pens, Highlighters, Arrows, Lines
• Colored Backgrounds, Outlined & Solid Rectangles
• Captions
• 8 Colors and 3 Sizes for all graphics elements
• Fun and Useful Stickers including Giant Squid!

Use ZapVM to send a specific message that communicates as if you were there in person:
• Provide instructions on virtually any topic
• Sell or demo your product or service
• Chronicle an event or tell a story
• Showcase your resume, talents or hobbies
• Review restaurants, hotels, services or experiences
• Engage or follow up with customers or clients