The Digital Smart Coach.
ZANUM is the next best thing to a real live trainer. Our experts will make sure you reach your goals. Sensational workouts with over 100,000 hours of quality experience.

Training as individual as you are.
The ZANUM algorithm adjusts to you and evolves with you. Whatever your age, whatever your level. The system learns from your workouts and guides you from session to session through ever more accurate training. We’ll never overwhelm you, but always challenge you! Never too much & never too little – smart & easy! … Just ZANUM.

Trust, know-how and variety.
ZANUM was developed with and by authentic trainers. Their experience and knowledge is the basis for our holistic and progressive workouts. More than 500 detailed exercises allow for nearly endless combinations in your training regimen.

Motivation through freedom
At home or traveling, in the gym or outdoors – ZANUM can be done anywhere and has a simple and intuitive interface. Allowing you to concentrate on being motivated and inspired by your trainer.

11 coaches – collaborating for your success
The ZANUM league is made up of 11 different real characters with different skills, fulfilling your every training wish. We bundled and digitized this expertise in order to give you the smartest digital coach you could possibly ask for.
The mission: You!
The goal: Your best shape yet!

Reaching your goal
The ZANUM training system accompanies, motivates and challenges you. Here are some of the top features that we’re sure will convince you:

  • train with our 11 authentic coaches,
  • utilize your home fitness equipment or body weight,
  • get your own personally calculated workouts,
  • enjoy the variety of hundreds of exercises,
  • learn new motion sequences with our comprehensive practice videos,
  • experience the motivating power of the ZANUM training timer,
  • surpass your weekly goal,
  • collect ZANUM points and continuously improve your fitness level.

Trust, enjoy, feel & experience ZANUM.

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