YouCam Makeup is the smart cosmetic kit in your purse. Designed for the modern woman, the YouCam Makeup app lets you create makeup and hairstyles to match your unique lifestyle.

Launching the Makeup Cam will open the camera to the front facing camera, allowing you to capture a selfie to use and stylize. What's really neat is from the Makeup Cam you can enable a Skin Beautifier which will smooth out your skin, giving you the look of an airbrushed photo. Where the Makeup Cam excels is in the Looks feature. What you can do is create a look by selecting a predefined look, or create your own by going through all of the menus, and it will augment the look onto your face before you even take the photo! You can tap and switch looks on the fly so you can get a feel for what would look best on you.

Once you've snapped a selfie, or selected a photo from the camera roll, you can then begin switching out looks. Even if you selected one when taking a selfie you can switch it out in the customize section. You can choose from the predefined looks and/or costumes which have everything done for a specific look; so you will see eyebrows, eyelashes, lipstick, blush, and more automatically applied to match your face. If you would like to take a more traditional approach to applying the makeup you can always go into the Face, Eye, Mouth, and Hair sections and apply each one of them individually to get the perfect look!

When you have your desired look you can save a before and after so you can see your transformation. There is even an option the save the formula so you can go and get the materials required to make that look happen in real life!

Let out the inner you with YouCam Makeup. Download for your iPhone and iPad below.

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