Get ready for some intergalactic arcade action! Word Planet is a fun and challenging game for all ages, fight against the falling letters as you journey far beyond stars and work to protect the planetoids from a deadly attack. You’ll have to work fast and accurately if you want to succeed on this intergalactic adventure!

The game opens up and gets more challenging the further you progress and you’ll no doubt learn some new words as your fight against the falling letters. So no matter how old you are you’ll still learn something new!

The stylish and colourful graphics give each planet its own character, charm, and atmosphere and they are wonderfully complemented by Word Planet’s amazing sound effects and music, that sound great with or without headphones!

Word Planet is a game that the whole family can enjoy and offers a fun, challenging and educational experience everyone will be sure to enjoy. New lives can also be purchased to help you on your quest as you fight to save the planets.

Good luck and enjoy!

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