Wineosphere offers a database of over 250,000 independent wine reviews to help you make your wine experience the best that it can be!

From the Home page in Wineosphere you can explore wine selections, see the latest wine reviews, find your favorite wines online, share in the social sphere, view the wineocharts, and more! Tapping on any of the cards from the Home page will take you into that review, article, wine, or post inside of Wineosphere. Think of the Home page as shortcuts to the other features of Wineosphere.

Wineosphere features a My Wine section where you can add your favorite wines, keep track of your wine cellar, find monthly bargains, view top wines, find wine pairings, and more! The Top Lists in the My Wine tab are extremely useful as they help you find the best wines for you as well as showing you what wines you should avoid. This is where the over 250,000 independent wine reviews really shine!

When viewing any of the wine reviews you will be presented with a photo of the wine bottle, the name of the wine, the type of wine, the price, and the year. Once you select a wine you’ll be able to see all of the detailed information about it such as; tasting notes, vineyard details, prices, similar wine types, and user reviews. If the wine you are looking at strikes a chord with you, you can purchase the wine as well as add it to your favorites list. And, if you happen to own some bottles of the selected wine, you can add it to your wine cellar.

Don’t forget, the reviews inside of Wineosphere come from the users! This means that your input is valuable, don’t forget to leave some reviews. You can add your thoughts at anytime by tapping on the “+” in the bottom menu and leave reviews on wines, post to the social feed, invite friends to Wineosphere, find the nearest places to purchase your wines, and scan bottles to find deals!

Get the wines that you’ll love with Wineosphere, available in the App Store for the iPhone and iPad.

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