Beyond setting your camera to one of the built-in white balance presets, white balance can be shifted to your liking across the temperature grid. And similar to Multiple Exposure and HDR Modes, the Canon 70D includes the ability to take multiple exposures with different white balance values. Let’s go over how to use White Balance Shift and White Balance Bracketing on your Canon 70D:

White Balance Shift

To exactly dial in the color of your shot for either extra creative control, environmental reasons, or when using a color shifted filter, white balance can be shifted along either or both axes of the color temperature spectrum.

  • Navigate to the third tab in the settings menu and open the WB Shift/Bkt menu.
  • Here you will see the temperature grid; up and down for green/magenta, and left and right for blue/amber.
  • Use either the touchscreen arrows or the multi controller to adjust the specific white balance point.
  • To make it easier to identify and return to a specific color setting, you’ll find two codes to the right that indicate shift, each containing a letter to indicate color direction and a number between 0 and 9 to indicate amount of shift.

White Balance Bracketing

White Balance Bracketing will take three exposures; one using the set white balance, and two adjusted in opposite directions from the set WB. The bracketed exposures can be adjusted 1, 2, or 3 levels away from the neutral exposure, and across either temperature axis.

  • In the same menu as White Balance Shift, use the Quick Control dial on the back of your camera to set bracketing up to three levels in opposite directions as the current white balance point.
  • You will see two dots moving opposite directions, and can be set either up or down or left and right.
  • To shift the white balance of the entire bracket, use the Multi Controller.
  • Once your bracket is set, you can now exit the menu.
  • Taking a photo will capture three separate images. Preview them by pressing the Playback button.

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