There is a relatively new social media app everybody seems to be joining called Vero. In this video, I give you a walk-through of the app and discuss it’s features.

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Video Transcript:
Hey, what’s up it’s Jerad with State of Tech and today we’re going to take a look at Vero, a new social media app, which is really a couple of years old but is just starting to blow up this past week or two. With reaching number one in the App Store as Social Media apps. People are starting to join it, I’m getting notifications left and right. I joined this app a couple of months ago and didn’t really take it seriously outside of taking a look at the app and saying “wow, what a beautiful user experience, this app is well put together.” But, there was nobody there, I didn’t have any friends that were on it. My friends who are social media professionals by trade weren’t even on it. So, I just posted a couple of things and left it at that. I didn’t really pay much attention until people started joining it. With that said, this app was started by a billionaire who has a frustration with social media. This person, I cannot pronounce the name which is why I’m not saying it, decided to start an app that was different. That wasn’t built on trying to sell us ads, use our data, basically against us to make money. You know, that’s a whole different discussion but he wanted to get away from that. There are ways to make money without data mining, without redirecting our experience towards ads and that’s exactly what’s happening here. So you can see my feed here, I’ve posted a couple of things to my feed. I’ve got a couple of friends that I’ve been successfully able to add. So, let’s talk about what makes this app different from others. Number one is just the clean UI. Most apps are pretty clean but this one just looks great. There are different things that you can post. It’s not an app where you’re going to post a little bit of text, a little blurb, your thought, or whatever. Your thought, or whatever you want to post is going to have to coincide with a photo, a link, music, movies or tv, books, or a place. And I really kind of like that, it adds context. It means that we can just go and post nonsense, we have to attach it to something and add context to the conversation. I like that! So once you do post something, like a photo, I posted this photo of a burger, with the title of the burger and attached where the photo was taken. It did pull in the data from the photo, the location data so I could easily do that. Of course, a movie that I posted. So, let’s go ahead and do another post. For example some music. I’m going to go ahead and type in, start to type in an artist, and so we’ll go ahead and tap that in. Listening to. We’ll just add an emoji here and then tap next. Now here’s the unique thing, we can share this with people in a different way. We can share it with followers which means this isn’t public stuff, it’s only going to be seen by people who are at the very least following you. You can also categorize them as an acquaintance, as a friend, or as a close friend. And you’ll notice how the people disappear, I put them in friends so you can see that when I select close friends it disappears. You can also make something private, which is just shared with you. So pretty cool that you can categorize people there and then post that and it’s going to post to your feed. People can interact with your post by clicking on the “heart” and liking it. They can also post a comment underneath it. So there are different ways to interact with your post. And then, of course, you can typically go in and edit it and you can also feature a certain post in your profile. So, I’ll go ahead and do that. So, that’s the feed and I’ve got stuff that shows up from some of my friends in here as well. Pretty cool. I can also go into search and I can search Vero. Maybe I would want to search by a hashtag, and we’ll search for baseball. I’m going to hit search, no results. Interesting. Another thing is that this is a very overloaded social network right now, so I’ve been noticing things aren’t necessarily showing up for me. But there is current stuff going on here, trending things, popular hashtags, like now playing. This is taking a little bit of time to load, I’m not going to waste too much time here. This social media app is under a bit of a load right now. They’re going to make their money by allowing brands to sell products here. So you can actually buy products through the app. They’ll make money off of transaction fees or something like that. There are featured users down here, that you can get jumpstarted by following some people. And then editors choice stuff down below. Let’s get out of here and go into my profile. So here we have my dashboard on my profile. It shows my connections, my following, my bio, and all of that stuff. I can tap on my posts, which, I believe where that featured post should show up but it’s just not showing up quite yet. It seems to take a little bit of time. You have your received and sent requests so that you can get those new friends sorted and organized. You also have some basic settings here for the app as well. And then we jump over into collections. What I like about collections is that as you share things, and your friends share things, they are able to be found in these collections. So, in music that I have posted, and my friends have posted, it’s going to show up in here. In movies and tv, I posted the Matrix, and some of my other friends posted these other things and I can actually go in and see these without having to scroll back through my timeline like, “Ah, what was that move that so and so posted!?” It’s going to be in the collection, which is great, I like that. And you can also search your collections and sort them by type and then also sort them by a-to-z, or how recent it was that they were posted. That’s another thing, this is chronological order, unlike what we’re seeing in some other social media where the social media company itself is deciding in what order our stuff should display, this is reverse chronological meaning the most recent first and you scroll back in time, which is the way that it should be, in case you’re wondering. So, outside of being able to categorize your friends, which I think is probably the best, the people that are following you. Whether they’re just followers, they’re acquaintances, they’re friends or close friends means that you’re going to be able to share stuff on a more personal level with people without having to worry about everybody seeing everything. So we also have typical notifications and then we have chat. This is one of my social media buddies here who is a professional in the space and we started a chat. You can also go in a do a group chat by selecting multiple names and hitting next. That’ll start a group chat, so that’s pretty cool in of itself. Chat seems pretty fast and everything seems pretty simple to use in the app. So, let’s go and just post one more thing. We can go and post a link and paste in a URL. So, for example, I might post in, I don’t know why I would share here but this I think is kind of cool. So, that’s the website that I like, it also allows you to navigate to wherever you want to. Maybe we would say, the iPhone X page. So, then I can tap on next, this is then going to do a Pinterest thing, which basically is pulling in any images that are on that page. And so, I’ll go ahead and choose this one and then I can say something about whatever it is, like “Got myself an X.” Can’t call it an X, it’s a 10. Then hit next and share that with whomever, and then post it, and then boom it’s there. And so I like that. And so you can share pretty much anything here whether it links, whether it be music, movies, books, whatever it is. But I like the fact that you have to attach something to whatever it is that you want to share. It makes it very visual. It doesn’t make it boring, where you’re scrolling past text and there really isn’t any context to that unless you read through all of it. I love having visual attached to whatever context you want to add by saying something. So, no advertising here, no data mining, you can group your people into four different categories, super clear user interface, Vero is something that I’m definitely going to be playing with. I don’t know whether or not it’s going to continue to grow and be something that will overtake other social media platforms. I like the concept here, I like what they’re doing so far. It’s going to take influencers getting on here, big name people getting on here and using it for the rest of the world to follow. I mean, look how long its take Twitter, and Facebook, and Instagram to become as huge as they are. Snapchat is still even a small fry compared to Instagram and whatnot, we’ll see what ends up happening with Vero. For now, come along and follow me. I’m @jeradhill on Vero, I’ll post a link in the description below and of course you can go and search me by name and I’ll follow you, or follow me in return and whatnot so that we can see each other’s posts. Let me know what you think down in the comment section below. Do you think this app has legs?Is it going to last? Or is it going to fizzle out over time? What do you think about the Vero experience? Also, you can feel free to leave your username down in the comment section below as well and I’ll search you out there and try and find you. So, yeah, let me know what you think and I hope to see you over on Vero and if not, I hope to see you back here on YouTube on the State of Tech channel. Click on that subscribe button to be notified when I put out new videos and click on the little bell next to it to get notified immediately on your phone or whatnot so that you don’t miss anything. Thanks so much and I hope to see you back here and also on Vero. Take care.