Weather Live Free is one of the most beautiful weather apps ever! Weather Live Free is great for quick weather updates to ensure what you are wearing that day matches the weather that’s awaiting you outside.

To check the weather with Weather Live Free, simply open the app and it will show you the current weather conditions for your current location. You’ll see all of the typical pieces of information such as humidity, pressure, sunrise, precipitation, sunset, feels like, minimum forecast, maximum forecast, and more!

Weather Live Free also features a Live Weather Map where you can track the rain clouds and weather conditions in your region. You’ll see a 20-hour forecast of weather patterns overlayed on a map, that way you can be prepared for what’s heading your way. This is similar to what meteorologists use to report the weather on the news, now your can harness that power directly from your Android device!

If those features weren’t enough, Weather Live Free features over 5 different widget variations that you can set on your home screen! That way you can check the weather at any given moment just by glancing at the widget on your screen.

With innovative technology powering Weather Live Free, you’ll never have to worry about the weather again!

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