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Voila is the most powerful screen capturing software for your Mac, that not just lets you capture or record content, but also share across seamlessly. Voila also offers a wide choice of Editing and Annotating tools for your still-captures.

What does Voila offer you?

Flexible Screen Capture:
– Capture anything and everything on your screen
– Capture multiple regions, multiple windows, freehand regions, menu capture with title and more
– Capture scrolling webpage regions and multiple DOM elements

Record anything on your screen:
– Capture your videos at full screen or any size with no time limitation
– Record computer audio or from microphone
– Pause during video recording
– Trim lengthy videos
– Export videos to other movie-editing apps for video editing

Powerful Image Annotating and Editing:
– Complete your story with text, speech bubbles, arrows, shapes, stamps and more
– Apply photo filters, edges, use blur tool, resize image and more
– Crop to remove unwanted portions

File Sharing Options:
– One click sharing option to FTP/ SFTP/ Flickr/ YouTube/Mail
– One click upload to Evernote, Dropbox and Tumblr
– Multiple files can be shared/ uploaded/ exported in all the view options
– Export an image in multiple image formats

File Management:
– Organize images and videos
– Create smart collections folders
– Update file meta data, tags with auto-tag completion etc.

Other Smart Features:
– Remember previous capture selection shape and location
– Copy last captured image to the Clipboard
– Export web pages from the Voila browser as a PDF
– Automatic URL generation for images and videos uploaded to FTP/SFTP
– Automatic URL copy to Clipboard
– Freedom to set any shortcut key including Function keys

Watch the quick overview video: http://bit.ly/voila-video

If you need any assistance with the app please drop a line to [email protected]

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Download Voila from the Mac App Store here.
Visit the developers of Voila.