Though there is not a single place in the settings menu for all the settings, there are a number of options to customize the functionality of the Viewfinder on your Canon 70D. Here’s what you can do:

  • In the first tab of the Settings menu, you’ll find two options relating to the viewfinder:
    • VF grid display can be enabled to display a grid that splits the view in a 3×3 grid using subtle and unobtrusive gray lines to help you line up your shots in the frame.
    • Viewfinder level can be enabled to show a small camera icon at the bottom of the viewfinder with lines on either side to show when the camera is level to the ground using the built-in gyroscope.
  • Various warnings that display directly in the viewfinder can be turned on or off by opening the C.Fn III:Operation/Others menu in the second-to-last tab in Settings, then navigating to the third page. There are four warnings that can be toggled to display in the viewfinder:
    • When Monochrome Picture Style is set
    • When White Balance is corrected
    • When ISO is expanded beyond the manual range
    • And When spot metering is set
  • Finally, you can adjust when the viewfinder uses red-colored illumination for digital readouts rather than normal illumination:
    • Open the C.Fn II: Autofocus menu in the second-to-last tab of the Settings menu, then scroll to the Page twelve. Here we see the page titled VF display illumination.
    • 0: Auto will automatically switch the viewfinder to use red illumination based on the current environment.
    • 1: Enable sets the viewfinder to always use red illumination.
    • 2: Disable sets the viewfinder to never use red illumination.

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