Digital assistants seem to be all the rage these days, with Apple’s Siri on iPhones kicking off the trend that now includes Siri, Cortana from Microsoft, and Google Now. Samsung’s foray into the space is called S Voice, and is a very useful addition to their Galaxy series of android devices. What can you do with S Voice on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5? Let’s find out:



First, let’s go over the kinds of commands that S Voice offers: with this feature, you can use your voice to quickly perform tasks that would otherwise take more time to do by hand. You can perform such actions as calling and texting contacts, adding calendar events, posting social network updates, turning on and off phone functions like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and asking simple questions like arithmetic and weather updates, and even some more complicated questions like “When is the next solar eclipse”, and “What was the Giants score last night”.

  • s voiceOut of the box, S Voice will start listening for voice commands when you tap the S Voice icon in the app drawer.
  • For added functionality, you can enable S Voice to listen for a voice wake up command so that you don’t have to go and find the S Voice icon, and will work anywhere in the phone:
    1. To set up the Voice wake-up feature, tap the S Voice icon, then tap on the gear icon to the left of the listening indicator at the bottom, then tap on Voice wake-up.
    2. Switch the toggle to the On position, then tap on Set wake-up command to be guided through the process of setting your custom wake-up command that will enable S Voice whenever you say the command.
    3. You will then be prompted to say the command 4 times so that S Voice can learn the phrase. You should pick a unique, 3-5 syllable command that is easily distinguishable in normal conversation.
    4. After setup, S Voice will be listening for your wake-up command whenever your phone is unlocked.
  • S Voice includes a few options for additional functionality. These can all be accessed in the S Voice settings that we went to when we enabled the wake-up command.
    • In the settings, S Voice can be enabled to function even when your phone is secured with a password or fingerprint.
    • Voice feedback is enabled by default to provide vocal responses to your queries.
    • Auto start speakerphone is also enabled by default so when making a call using S Voice, speaker phone mode is automatically turned on.
    • Setting your Home address enables S Voice to provide you quick access for additional commands like setting location-based reminders and navigation.



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