For an updated look at Twitterrific Premium 2.0 for iPhone, watch this video:

Written by Brian Davis:
As Jared mentioned in his review he is using twitterrific premium. I personally haven’t used twitterrific before this app because I am on a windows based machine so I am using the free version. With that said now that I have been using twitterrific for awhile now I will be upgrading to the premium not because there are any huge differences between the two but because they deserve some monetary compensation for the great app they have developed. So far there are only a few slight differences between premium and free versions. The free version will slip ads in between tweets. They are non evasive and do not get in the way of your twitter experience. The next difference is in the reply screen as Jerad showed there is a “view nearby iPhone location in maps” button. The free version does not offer that feature. The only other difference I can see is the light background feature is only in the premium version. I have to applaud Iconfactory for having this free software with as many features of the premium software. It’s nice to see someone offer a free software thats not stripped to the bare bones so that you will buy the premium version. Either way you chose to go be it free or premium for $9.99 this is one of the hands down best twitter native apps I have used so far. So if you are on twitter grab this app and if you have an extra 10 bucks laying around go for premium so Iconfactory can continue creating great apps. If you have any questions feel free to tweet me Here with any questions.