Twinkle is Twitter + Location. I have been a Twinkle fan since it was launched on the jailbroken platform. One of my favorite features is the nearby listing. People who are using Twinkle nearby you will show up. It’s a great way to discover new tweeps!

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Written by Brian Davis:
Twinkle a native twitter app similar to twitterific with the exception of geotagging your tweets. Coined as twitter + location. I used twinkle for a few months when I had my iphone jailbroken. It was a strong app then and has remained so. Twinkle allows you to view and post tweets as well as direct messages from twitter. It offers a great location option to view tweets near you. It also will geotag your tweets with the city and state you are tweeting from. As well it allows you to post geotagged photos from your camera or camera roll. This is a great free app for twitter. Twinkle is very easy to use and sports a very user friendly interface.