Listen to 1000’s of internet radio stations on your iPhone of iPod touch. Bookmark your favorites and browse by genre. This is a great that gives you access to a ton of music.

Price: $5.99
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In the tutorial the numbers 98, 128 etc. I refer to are actually the Bitrate of the audio feed which is the quality. The higher the bitrate the better quality the audio. Though the higher the bitrate also creates a bigger file to stream resulting in possible lag. Use your best judgment. I have found that 128 sounds just fine as most mp3’s are encoded at 128.

UPDATE 7/19/08:
Tuner is back in the iTunes App Store. I just received an update to the App and then noticed it is back in the store. This must have been why it was pulled from the app store. I have read that some major upgrades have been done to Tuner app to fix bugs that were causing problems. If you already have the app, look for the update in your iPhone’s App Store. If you were looking to buy this app, it is back in the store for purchase.

Tuner is back