If you were one of the millions of people who purchased or received one of the latest iPhones this last holiday season (or any other time), your last phone might have been an Android powered device.

While it’s often fun and exciting to experience a whole new thing like an iPhone for the first time, it can be frustrating when trying to move all of your old data from your previous phone. This can include things like contacts and photos. One of the most important bits you will probably want to keep is your messages. Text messaging has become one of the most used communication tools around the world, and you can easily amass thousands of messages to your friends and family.

So this might lead you to the question: how do you transfer text messages from your Android phone to your iPhone?

There is no built-in way to transfer your SMS and MMS messages from your Android to the iPhone, but it’s still entirely possible to get all of your messages from your old device to your new one.

We have done the research and found that the best application to get your messages transferred from Android to iOS is Backuptrans’ Android iPhone SMS/MMS Transfer+ application for both Windows and Mac OS X, and have created a guide on how to use the application. We will be using the Mac OS X version in the tutorial, but Windows users can follow the same steps.

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Backuptrans offers a free trial of Android iPhone SMS Transfer+ which limits transfers to 20 messages. However, the $34.95 asking price is not too much to ask in order to keep the cherished memories and important information contained in your conversations.

First, either download the trial version, or purchase and download Android iPhone SMS Transfer+ from Backuptrans’s website here¬†(PC version).

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You will have a file called “android-sms-to-iphone-transfer-for-mac.dmg” in your downloads folder. Double click this to open the file, and a window with two files will pop up: the .pkg installer file, and a text file with system requirements and instructions on how to disable OS X’s GateKeeper if you have not already done so.

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Follow the simple instructions on how to disable GateKeeper, then double-click on “android-sms-to-iphone-transfer-for-mac.pkg” to begin the install.

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Follow the directions in the installer to install the application on your computer. After following the instructions, you will then find BackupTrans Android SMS To iPhone Transfer in your Applications folder (or All Programs in the Windows Start Menu).

Double-click to open the app. You will then be prompted to plug in your devices via USB cable if you have not already done so.

The application requires Android phones to have USB debugging enabled. Don’t let the name spook you, this simply means that you are telling Android to allow data to transfer over the USB cable.


On your Android device, open the Settings app (you can find it in your app drawer), and scroll down and tap on “About phone” in the System section, then find the listing for “Build number”. Quickly tap on this section a few times until a popup says that you have enabled Developer Options.


Go back one menu and find the “Developer options” listing in the System section. Tap into it and find the listing for “Android debugging” and enable it. Done! You have enabled USB debugging, and you are now able to transfer your messages from your Android device.

Similarly, there is a step you need to complete on your iPhone as well: disabling iCloud backup. Don’t worry, you can turn it back on once we complete the transfer process (and you will want to in order to keep your iPhone extra safe).


On your iPhone, open the settings app and scroll down and tap on iCloud. Find and tap “Backup”, and turn off the switch.

Back on your computer, Backuptrans will complete a backup of both devices. After the process is done, you can mouse over each button in the toolbar at the top of the application to discover the various tools we can use.

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However, the quickest way to start the process of transferring all of your messages from your Android to your iPhone is to right-click your Android device under Devices in the left column, and click on “Transfer SMS to iPhone”.

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A dialog will popup and ask you to confirm that you want to proceed. Make sure your iPhone is selected from the dropdown and click confirm. The transfer will begin.

After the transfer completes, your iPhone will perform a quick restart. At this point you can confirm that all your messages have been transferred. And you’re done!

Don’t forget to re-enable iCloud backup in your iPhone’s settings at this point.

If you’re interested in purchasing¬†Android iPhone SMS/MMS Transfer+, you can find the PC version here, and the Mac OS X version here.