The only app that knows where your car is, even if you don’t. TrakCar records your parking location AUTOMATICALLY, whenever you park your car. No button pressing or extra accessory required, as in ordinary apps. And because it does not rely on GPS, your will not even notice it uses your phone battery!

TrakCar uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence Patent Pending technology to detect and record your parking location whenever you park your car, without any action on your side required. All you need to do is launch it, and it will stay in the background and do its job. You set it and forget it – and when the time comes, instead of asking yourself or some dude “where is my car?” – you just look at TrakCar, and it will answer this question for you. The app lets you see the new parking events for FREE and offers a $1.99 inApp one-time upgrade to see the old parking events.

All you need to do to enjoy TrakCar is to:

  1. Set iPhone->Settings->General->Background App Refresh->ON (Both the Main and TrakCar toggles)
  2. Set iPhone->Settings->Privacy->Location Services->ON (Both the Main and TrakCar toggles)
  3. Launch the app! (It works in the background if minimized)

And that is it. Never look for your car again. No button pressing, no hassle. TrakCar detects parking locations fully automatically. And – it never sends any data to anyone, so your privacy is fully preserved.

TrakCar is a simple, efficient and convenient solution to a “Where is my car?” problem that solves it once and for all!

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