TrackerButtons gives you extreme flexibility but still incredibly simple to track almost any aspect of your life. Create buttons in seconds to keep track of almost anything.

To begin tracking something, say homework, you’ll first need to tap on the “+” in the top right-hand corner of the home screen and this will bring up the Edit Button screen. At the Edit Button screen, you can change options such as the name, color, type, shape, summary calculations, and tags of your button. While many of the options will be the same no matter the type of button you select, changing the type of button will show some options that are specific to that type that you can change such as count increments. Once you’ve finished putting in all of the options for you button, tap Save in the top right corner and you will be brought back to the home screen where you can begin using your shiny new button.

Once you’ve saved your button it’s time to start using it. On the home screen of TrackerButtons, tap on the button that you’d like to track an aspect and your selected action will then take place. If your button type was set up as either a Count or Value there will be no other action need to track but if you’ve chosen a Duration button, you will have to tap the button again to stop the duration so the aspect can be tracked.

On each button, there are Tags, Stats, Settings, and History options that you can also take advantage of. The Tags will allow you to add on Notes, Photos, Voice Memos, Alarms, Location Data, and Videos to your selected button. The Statistics Chart will show you all of the data information that you chose to have your button keep track of, this will come in handy the more that you actually use your button. The Settings of a button will take you into the Edit Button screen where you can change all of the options that you set up for your button. Finally, the History for you button will do just that, show you a detailed history of how many times and when you’ve tracked an aspect with that specific button.

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