Just about any car can be a connected car with the Automatic Pro. This little device connects to your vehicles ODB-II port and communicates with your smartphone. I was an early adopter of the first Automatic tracker, so I have a few years of experience tracking my vehicle.

The first version of the Automatic tracker required a connection to your phone. As you drove, the tracker would communicate with your phone and save your data in the app. That information was also backed up on Automatic's servers. With the Pro version of the Automatic tracker, you get five years of 3G data service that allows the device to connect directly to Automatic. This works great for me considering I switch phones sometimes once a week and forget to pair Automatic with each phone.

Automatic Pro has some cool features that typically would require an expensive monthly service. With Automatic Pro, you get all of these features and more, for a one-time purchase price.

  • Crash Alert – Your car can call or send a text message to your emergency contacts when you get in an accident. The sensors of your vehicle talk to your car's onboard computer and that information can be read by Automatic.
  • Real-Time Location Tracking – Always know where your car is whether you're in it or not. The Automatic Pro smartphone app will allow you to track your car as it moves about the town. This is a great feature for finding where you parked and an even better feature to have should your car get stolen.
  • Connected Apps – You can connect other apps and third-party services to Automatic Pro to make it even smarter. Automatically log miles traveled to get reimbursed and more.
  • Check Engine Light Decoder – Know what's going on with your car at all times. Instead of paying a diagnostic fee to a repair shop, you can see what your car is trying to tell you immediately before the problem gets worse.

The Automatic Pro is a lot of value for a small price. Always know what your car or truck is up to by making it smarter with Automatic Pro.

Automatic Pro (Amazon): http://amzn.to/2cLXfjS
Automatic First Generation Tracker (Amazon): http://amzn.to/2dcsnHw