Customize the functionality and maybe save a little battery by changing the options for the touch keys on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Those are the two light-up buttons next to the home button for Back and Recent apps. Here’s how to customize the Touch Key lights on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5:



  • Open the Display menu in the Device section of the Settings app.
  • Tap on Touch key light duration. This setting adjusts whether the backlights for these buttons are enabled and for how long.
  • Pick from one of the four options: 1.5 seconds, 6 seconds, Always off, Always on.
    • The first two options will keep the touch key backlights lit for that amount of time whenever they are used.
    • Always off will keep the backlights from ever lighting, and Always on will keep the backlights on for as long as the device is awake.


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