When first purchasing a new device the first thing you want to do is customize it to fit your personality. You can create all of your folders, rearrange your icons, customize your ringtones. The most common customization is changing the wallpaper on you iPad Air.

Below you will find a list of some of the best websites to find iPad Air wallpapers. When looking for the perfect wallpaper that fits your personality keep in mind that the iPad Air has a resolution of  2048x 1536 pixels. You are going to want to download a wallpaper that is optimized for the iPad Air so the images doesn’t appear pixelated.


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iLikeWallpaper is a great site when picking out your iPad Air wallpaper. This site offers wallpapers that are great for men and women. They have over 122 pages for iPad Air wallpapers to choose from for free. All wallpapers have been optimized for your iPad Air screen display. If you get your wallpaper from this site your wallpaper will be clear and you wont notice any pixelation to your wallpaper, or stretching on your wallpaper.


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AlliPadWallpapers made a selection of the finest Textures & Patterns wallpapers for iPad. Download your favorite Textures & Patterns wallpapers and customize your iPad Air background. Select the wallpaper of your choice then download it in the iPad Air resolution. AlliPadWallpapers is also a great site when customizing your wallpaper to a fit your personality. This wallpaper site works great for the iPad because they have all been optimized for your iPad’s resolution. They offer a wide variety of unique wallpapers for you to choose from.


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This website is an artist submitted collection of wallpapers for the iPad which is perfect for your new iPad Air.  There are Artist Channels that you can view which will show case all of that Artists submitted wallpapers so you can download all of the wallpapers from your favorite artists. You can filter wallpapers and search Most Viewed and Most Downloaded or by Keyword. If you choose your new wallpaper from this site you will be getting a unique wallpaper. You can view the artist who made a wallpaper you like to see more of their designs.


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This website is dedicated to iPad Air wallpapers. They were all created with the new sleek design of the iPad Air in mind. When choosing your wallpaper from this site you will be getting a crisp and clean image for your device. Choose from hundreds of beautiful wallpapers for the iPad Air. You can search the website by category, or you can simply search Keyword to find the perfect wallpaper for your device.


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The popular brand Speck has some great backgrounds to choose from that are optimized for the iPad. These designs pair well when using a Speck case. The wallpapers they offer are also available on the iPhone so you can have the same background on both of your devices if you choose. All of the wallpapers are optimized for the resolution of you iPad. You will get a nice crisp image when using the Speck wallpapers.