Sometimes you have some downtime when hanging out with a friend, but there’s nothing to do…Until you pick up one of these awesome games that two players can play on a single screen. Rustle up some healthy competition with these splitscreen games….Loser picks up the tip!



Ten is tic-tac-toe on steroids. In any of the three modes of the game (single-player, online multiplayer, and in-person multiplayer), you are playing multiple games of tic-tac-toe in an even larger game of tic-tac-toe. Strategy and thinking ahead is the name of the game in Ten. Each of the nine spots on the field is its own game, and when you play a spot on one of the smaller games, the next turn happens in the spot you picked. An easy to play game that is hard to master.


Ice Rageiceragescreen520x924

From the makers of Minigore, Ice Rage puts you on the ice to play hockey with your friends either online or in person. Using the on-screen joystick, you skate around attempting to get the puck and shoot it into their goal…complete with goalie. You can even steal the puck from opposing players and make a run for it.



OLO puts a whole new spin on the classic air hockey style mobile game. In what is essentially a mashup between shuffleboard and air hockey, the objective is to pass your pucks to the opposing player’s side without bouncing it back. You can also try and hit the other player’s pucks out of your own side to keep their score below yours. OLO can be played either online or in person, but playing with someone in the same room makes the game that much more fun.


Lub vs. Dublubdub

Lub vs. Dub is not your regular running game. Sure, your screen520x924-2character is running and you attempt to avoid obstacles, but Lub vs. Dub is more like an advanced (and less exhausting) version of grabbing the shirt of a person you’re having a foot race with. In the traditional black vs. white, you are racing to beat your opponent in this split screen runner game, while trying to avoid obstacles that will slow you down, and pick up hearts that build to powerups that either slow your opponent down, or give you the advantage in some way.


8 Ball Pool by Shark Party8ballsc8ball

The classic real life two-player game also makes a great iPhone game as well! Especially when you can’t play in real life. Though there is a campaign you can play through in 8 Ball Pool, there is, of course, a pass-back two player mode where you try to pocket your balls before you friend (I.e., mortal enemy) does. The intuitive controls of 8 Ball Pool makes this game perfect for killing some time while waiting for a movie or on a road trip.