The days of rain are now upon us (at least in the US) and the television programs are changing along with the H&M advertisements for warmer and thicker layers of clothing (take note Miley). Your apps could also use a nice touch to prepare for the rainy and stormy days ahead.

We’ve compiled our list of apps that we believe will help you prepare for those wet days as well as keep you a little entertained in the mean time.

Swackett.icon.512x512-751.) Swackett
Sweater weather today? Find out before it’s too late. Check your Swackett app for notifications about the days’ weather along with tips on what might be good for such conditions. Maybe a good reminder to grab your umbrella or highly-fashionable all pink rain boots.

Download “Swackett” for your Apple device.
Visit the official website of “Swackett”.

Rainy-Days.icon2.) Rainy Days (Available for Android device only)
Available to almost all over the world, you’ll be able to follow along with the current weather conditions of your area. Easily view doppler radars along with precipitation maps.

Download “Rainy Days” for your Android device.

Solar-Weather.icon.512x512-753.) Solar : Weather
You can easily view the days weather with the a simple interface indicated by color. The app is usually $0.99 but is free right now!

Download “Solar : Weather” for your Apple device.

RainHD.icon.512x512-754.) Rain HD
Maybe you live in Southern California, or some other tropic paradise with almost no rain. Well with Rain HD you’ll have the perfect opportunity to feed the void of nostalgia that only rain can fulfill.

App-Store-Icon_200x2005.) HEAT APP
This isn’t a real app, but if you open up enough apps that will utilize alot of your phone’s CPU then the device will give off some ‘natural’ heat. Then place the possibly over-heating device into your mittens and begin to raise your body temperature.

Here also is a list of great songs to listen to on a Rainy Day.