Today, we’re going to look at the top five cases I was able to find on Amazon for the iPhone 11 Pro. These cases are available not only for the regular Pro but also for the 11. Actually, these cases are available for a lot of different devices, but they’re highly rated on Amazon and I’m always looking for a good case for my phone to protect it and give it a little bit of just maybe more grip-ability. So we’re going to dive right in.

These cases we’re going to be looking at are cases that are on Amazon and they’re priced rather budget-friendly. So if you’re looking for something to protect your new investment, these cases are really good options for the money.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle

Our first case is from SUPCASE. This is the Unicorn Beetle. They’ve got this case available in different colors and different sizes for the different devices. This one is more of a minimal case. It’s a clear backed case and you can see the back glass of your phone really easily.

So this case is pretty nice, pretty simple, very minimal. The case has really a nice fit. I like that I could see the whole back of my phone, and the new finishes that came on these iPhone 11 Pros are really nice. They actually feel really nice and they’re super durable, but I worry about it getting scratched up. I love the fact that it is a different finish that’s probably going to be a little bit more durable, not as much of a fingerprint magnet either.

But adding a case definitely is going to add a bit of protection there, and this case feels good. It has that kind of silicone feel to it, very smooth, but it’s not very forgiving either. So this case is definitely going to add a lot of edge protection to your phone while still giving you the ability to see the back of the phone, which is really nice. Like I said, this case comes in a few different colors, so different color options are available.

It’s got good port access down here, and of course, the speakers are fully accessible so there’s nothing that’s blocking anything there. The buttons still have really nice tactile feedback, which I like. I like the flush mount feel of the buttons. It has a nice cutout so that I could still get to the switch. So overall, I’m really digging this case. I think it’s a great start to our top five cases here. That’s the Unicorn Beetle from SUPCASE.

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TORRAS Ultra-Thin Case

Next is the TORRAS Ultra-Thin Case. This is another simple case. “Simplicity for life,” it says on the box. This case comes in a variety of colors. I opted to go for a bright red-accented case just for the heck of it, because you guys are used to me choosing black-only cases and I wanted to throw you for a curveball.

So this case has a very minimal look. It’s a flexible case. It has red all the way around it. And since the iPhone 11 Pro models don’t come with any flashy colors, I thought why not give it a try. This color combination definitely is interesting. It’s not my personality type to have a case like this. This case is very minimal and it kind of mimics the feel of the phone. So it has the raised areas for the buttons, the volumes and the lock screen a button, and of course, cutouts for the ports down at the bottom without really wasting any space.

I like this case because it is very minimal. I might’ve chosen a different color if I wanted it for myself to keep for the long-term. I really chose the red just for you guys because there were some of you in my previous videos that said, “Hey, how about something other than a black case?” And so here you go, something other than a black case.

I do like this case though. The silicone kind of flexible cases are nice because they kind of wrap your phone really well. They give it good protection on the edges and the sides. There isn’t a whole lot of facedown glass protection on cases like this, but that’s okay. It definitely does protect your case in all other aspects, and you could do a screen protector on the front if you really wanted front-glass protection. It gives you a little bit more to grip without going overboard like some cases do. It’s very simple, very basic and you can choose from a variety of different colors to give your phone and nice little accent.

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Moving right along, the SPIDERCASE usually is a little bit more involved of a case. When I did my Note 10+ case video, the SPIDERCASE was definitely the most durable one.

This is definitely different than the SPIDERCASE that I reviewed for the Note 10+, and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. This case has full front protection, which is something that I do like. It has a built-in screen protector. Some screen protectors leave like a ridge on the edge and that’s kind of annoying. This obviously gives you full protection all the way across the front of your device.

At first, I wasn’t really digging this, but once you get the phone in it, it gave it a little bit more form and it feels a little bit better. Now the edges are sloped back, which definitely feels a little weird. Kind of that tapering towards the back gives it a different feel because the phone is not naturally tapered in that way.

But what I do like is that it’s full front protection on the device, so face down on the table with a little bit of debris on the table is not going to hurt your device. It has really good edge protection, a lot of protection. Even more reinforced protection on the edges, just it kind of extrudes out just a little bit there, which is nice. Even with total screen protection, Face ID unlocked really well. The touch screen still works really well, so nothing to complain about there.

There is a lot to this case for the money. It’s a little much for me, but it definitely adds a lot of protection to your device, full all the way around. The only thing that’s sticking out is the cameras, and there’s a ridge on the back of the case also to raise it up. So when you do set it back down on a table, you’re going to have some protection over the cameras as well, which is nice. It just doesn’t cover the cameras like it does the front. And I wouldn’t want something really covering the cameras because that’s going to affect the overall quality of your photo.

So as far as protection goes, this case definitely gives us the most protection. It’s not necessarily my favorite. If you want a case that’s going to protect your iPhone, you’re going to have to add a little bit of bulk to it, and that’s definitely what this case does.

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TOZO Liquid Silicone Case

This is the TOZO Liquid Silicone Case. This is a very simple silicone case. What’s interesting is they call it liquid silicone. The back of the case, very rigid, but the edges of the case are very smooth and liquidy-like, I don’t know else to explain it. But I like the fact that it’s super soft.

This case is nice and form-fitting, very minimal. Doesn’t add a whole lot to my phone, which I like. The buttons still have good tactile feedback. I’ve got good access to the port and speaker grills there, so everything is good. Not much facedown protection here. I would need a screen protector for that. I would say this one almost has no facedown protection at all, which is okay, it’s super minimal.

If you want a minimal case that gives you added grip-ability, this case is for you. It doesn’t take away from the beautiful feel and design and everything that went into the phone itself, but adds a little bit of protection to it. Though it’s minimal, it will add some corner drop protection as well. If you’ve seen any of the drop test videos, you know that the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro models can take quite a drop, but they do still scratch and get dinged up, so adding a minimal silicone case like this is going to protect against those things in case your phone does take a fall.

Of course with a case like this, I would probably put a screen protector on. There is a little bit of a raised edge around the cameras, which is nice to help kind of keep the cameras off of the table. This case doesn’t sit totally flat on the table, but it’s definitely going to help protect those cameras against being scratched if they’re on any sort of a surface. It seems like the simplest of things end up scratching an iPhone even though the iPhones can take quite a beating these days.

I tend to go with more minimal cases. I just want something that’s going to protect the finish of my phone. If anything drastic happens, obviously sometimes a case isn’t going to protect you from that anyways.

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SPIGEN Ultra-Hybrid Case

This is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case. It is more of a minimal case as well. It’s going to give us a nice view of our entire device. This is a nice case, very smooth finish. It offers great edge protection. It does add a little bit of heft to the phone like as far as thickness goes. It’s not as minimal as the last case that we looked at. It adds a little bit of front protection here, not a ton, but definitely enough to put this on a table that’s relatively clean. Good access to the ports and the speakers.

This case has a raised edge around the camera, but it also has little raised edges around the edge of the phone as well. That allows the phone to sit completely flat on the table. Most phones don’t sit perfectly flat because they are designed with protruding cameras. You can easily see the back finish of your phone but the clear plastic back is kind of reflective.

I’m liking this case. This might be one that I actually stick with for a little bit longer. I did enjoy the other cases. There were different things that I liked about them as I mentioned, but so far, I’m really liking this case more. It has a nice silicone feel to it. In the past I have not cared about covering up the back of my iPhone but this model of phone just because of the unique camera and finish on the back, I like being able to see it. Even though it’s covered and protected, we can still see it. The case provides good edge protection. The buttons feel really nice on the phone, and overall, I do like this case.

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Well, that’s it! Let know what you think down in the comment section below. I showed you five cases, gave you my thoughts, but you probably have your own opinions and I’d love to hear those down below. Also, what’s your favorite color as far as cases go? I would love to hear that down below as well. And maybe I’ll choose that as one of the colors that I pick for my next case-style video.

I linked to each case, so check them out if you are interested in pricing or additional color options.

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