To make sure your brand new Galaxy Note 4 is set apart from everyone else, the easiest method is to find a sweet new wallpaper fit for your device. DailyAppShow has selected five of the best websites that have pictures and images perfect for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Android Wallies

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If you like having a good collection of live wallpapers then look no further. Android Wallies is a site that has a nice collection of live wallpapers that are available on the Google Play Store. Each wallpaper has a description, letting you know how the live wallpaper is going to work on your device and then there is even a link to the Google Play Store where you can then download the live wallpaper and make it the background on your Android device.


Android Wallpaper

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Android Wallpapers is a curated collection of wallpapers from various sites and users. The images are usually sized for a desktop experience but the Galaxy S5 will have no problem cropping the image down to use for the display. Hovering the cursor over an image will display the authors name and title of the image as well as a heart that will let you like the image. At the top of the menu you can sort the wallpapers by date or number of likes. With Android Wallpapers you’ll never be without a gorgeous wallpaper for your Galaxy S5


My Galaxy Note Wallpaper

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My Galaxy Note Wallpaper is a wallpaper site perfectly suited for browsing on your device. Scrolling through the site, you’ll find tons of photos, illustrations, and graphics sized perfectly for your Galaxy Note 4. You are sure to find a wallpaper you love.

Samsung Wallpapers

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Samsung Wallpapers is another great site for finding wallpapers that are pixel-perfect for the Galaxy Note 4. You’ll find beautiful imagery, with lots of different sorting options, and you can drill down to find the exact kind of image you want for Galaxy Note 4 wallpaper.

Galaxy Note 4 Wallpapers

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.44.03 PMGalaxy Note 4 Wallpapers includes hundreds of beautiful wallpapers in more than thirty categories so that you can find the perfect image to match your style or mood. Each wallpaper is pixel-perfect for your new Galaxy Note 4. Saving these images to your phone to use is a pinch: simply find the image you want, click through to the wallpaper’s page, and touch and hold the image to save to your phone.