It’s time for Little Ted to go to bed. Can you help him? Professional voice actors read this calming bedtime story, which is supportive of early learning and has easy to use fun interactions.

Time For Bed Little Ted is an excellent app for little children to begin reading with as it features multiple ways for them to read and/or be read to, and even an option to record your voice, or record your child’s voice, so your child can hear you read back to them or for you to hear how they are pronouncing their words.

The “Read to Me” option from the main menu of Time For Bed Little Ted, will take the story and read it to your child with audio and visual cues. What’s great about this option is that it also features multi-language support, it will be the corresponding language chosen from the main menu. Another great option if you are trying to teach your child a second language or help them read in your own.

The “Record My Voice” option will take the main story in Time For Bed Little Ted and allow you, or your child, to record your voice for playback when reading the story. This is a great option for parents that are constantly on the go for work or for parents to hear back how their children are doing with their reading. Great for learning!

There’s even an option for your child to explore their imagination with the “Coloring Page” option. In this section, they can choose to color in a page from Time For Bed Little Ted or color in on a blank page. You’ll even be able to save it and share it with friends and family.

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