What would you do if you lost your portable storage device? Would you think about the data you wish was protected? If we lose our phone, it is hard for someone else to get into it. With password protection, face unlock, and fingerprint scanning, it’s hard for people to access our data. Portable storage devices like solid state drives are pretty easy to access. Most people have no form of authentication on their external storage devices. Vava changed that with the Vava SSD Touch.

Available in 512 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB Models: Vava SSD Touch

The Vava SSD Touch has a fingerprint scanner built into the body of the slim SSD. Plug your Vava SSD Touch into your Mac, PC, Smartphone, or tablet and the scanner lights up letting you know it is ready to scan your fingerprint. You use the included software on your Mac or PC to configure this. Don’t worry, the encrypted partition on the SSD has the software so you can install it on any computer if you need to. You can even format your unlocked Vava SSD Touch and the encrypted partition will remain with the configuration software so you never lose it.

The Vava SSD Touch is the solid state drive you need if you travel with your files. With fingerprint and password authentication, you can rest assured your files are safe if someone was to gain access to your drive.

Vava SSD Touch Pricing

Check out the video to see how it works: