Part of switching from iPhone to Android is learning how to use the Android operating system. Having spent a lot of time with your iPhone, you are probably pretty quick at navigating around iOS. Android is quite different and requires a bit of getting used to if all of your smart phone experience is with an iPhone.

A Quick-start Guide to Android for iPhone Users

Depending on the Android device you are switching to, the flavor of Android may appear different. This makes it hard for me to give you an exact walk-through of Android. Each phone manufacture builds it’s own environment around Android. There are also many versions of the Android platform, each with it’s own differences. I am going to mention a few stand out points to help you get started.

When you initially setup your Android phone, you will be asked to login using a Gmail account. If you already have a Gmail account, use it. If you do not have one, you can create a new one from the option you are presented with. Your Gmail account with your Android Phone has an iCloud like service that allows you to sync contacts, calendars, photos and more with your Gmail account so it is good to use an actual Gmail account that includes these features. I have also used a Google Apps account with Android, which now offers the same features as a standard Gmail account.

Google Nexus 4 Gmail Sync

Once your phone is set up, you will want to spend some time navigating around the phone so you get used to where things are. Since there are countless variations of Android on different phones, it is hard for me to show you how to do this in a simple article. If you are having trouble, go to and search for tutorials on your phone. We have a few Android phone reviews on DailyAppShow.Com that could help if you have one of the phones we reviewed. To give you a general idea of the Android environment, we have provided a walk through of the Google Nexus 4 for you to watch. Though this version of Android and this phone may appear different than your phone, it will give you a good idea of where to find settings and features on your Android phone.

General Overview of Android on a Google Nexus 4

As I mentioned in the video, Android’s ability to be customized to my liking keeps it fresh for me. My iPhone often gets boring because the only thing I can do to customize it is move my apps around and change my wallpaper. Android’s ability to add widgets and even switch the launcher completely allows me to change the way Android looks and feels which is almost like getting a new phone.

In Part 3 of this Ultimate Guide to Switching from iPhone to Android we will look at apps that you will need to fill the gap as iPhone does come with some services that would require a third-party app to have on Android.