Think you know football? Beaten the premier league quizzes? Fancy something a little more challenging? Then try the Bundesliga Quiz.

To begin The Bundesliga Quiz, you’ll first have to select the category that you’re going to be quizzing yourself in. Currently, there are two categories for you to choose from; Bundesliga Players and Bundesliga Teams. Each category has a set of difficulty options, and each difficulty has at least 12 questions for you to quiz yourself on!

To begin playing you’ll first entry into the Easy difficulty of the category you’ve chosen. Each Easy difficulty has 12 different images while others range between 10 and 12. When you select an image you have to enter the correct answer, if you’ve chosen to guess the Player you’ll have to enter the player name and if you’ve chosen to guess the Team you’ll have to enter the team name. The quiz will accept any answer with letters without the accents, or minor misspellings. If a second answer is given, such as a nickname, it will accept both. Each question has two hints that will help you if you get stuck trying to figure out the solution. Once you’ve correctly answered eight questions in one difficulty, you’ll unlock the next difficulty in that category.

If you want to see how you’re doing overall in The Bundesliga Quiz head to the Statistics section. In the Statistics, you can see the number of groups you’ve completed, the number of levels you’ve completed, the number of questions completed, and your total overall score. If at anytime you wanted to clear all of your answers you can clear all results in the statistics section, this will effectively return The Bundesliga Quiz to when you first opened it.

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