Powerful Wireless Portable Speaker with Version 3.0 Bluetooth® Technology for a faster connection with better sound quality. Compatible with iPad®, iPod®, iPhone®, MP3, MP4, Laptop, PC and most Bluetooth® enabled devices.

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Voice notifications when CERA is on, in pairing mode, and pairing complete
Simple pairing with most Bluetooth® enabled devices
Stream audio from your Bluetooth® enabled device from approx. 33ft (10m) away
Plugs into any non Bluetooth® enabled device with supplied 3.5mm (1/8) headphone jack as well
New Daisy Chain function allows an infinite number of CERA’s to play at the same time
Illuminated Touch Control Panel
360° Expanding Sound Chamber illuminated with blue lighting
Internal Lithium Ion Battery recharges over USB
Up to 5-7 hours playtime on a full charge (approx. 2-3 hours to fully charge)
1 Year Limited Warranty