Turn your favorite text, message and photo art apps into unique expressions of your personal vibe. Stereojis has emoji’s for everyone, and can be inserted almost anywhere you can type text!

Before getting started with the Stereojis, you’ll need to enable the keyboard in your Settings. Open the Settings app, then navigate to General, Keyboard, Keyboards, and then Add New Keyboard. From this menu select the Stereojis keyboard and then you’ll be brought back to the list of enabled keyboards. Tap on Stereojis and Allow Full Access so Stereojis can be allowed to function as a system keyboard. After that’s all done, you’re good to go!

From the Stereojis, you’ll see all of the available emoji’s that are offered. There are, at the time of writing, five available emoji packs and one of them is free with download. Each pack has over 60 emoji’s that can be added to your Stereojis arsenal! Once you have purchased an emoji pack it will then be available in the Stereojis keyboard when you are using it.

When composing a message with Messages you can enable the Stereojis keyboard by tapping on the “Globe” icon next to the “123” in the bottom right corner of the keyboard. From there you’ll see all of the emoji’s that you’ve unlocked. Swiping right to view more and swipe left to go back. At the bottom of the emoji’s, you’ll see all of the packs and tapping on one of them will bring you to that pack. Once you’ve found the emoji you’d like to use tap on it and then paste it into your conversation and send that message! Boom, that’s all it takes to send your friends the most amazing emoji’s of all time!

Download Stereojis and show off your stylish side with over 80 unique emoji’s!

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