Sportizza is an app that will allow you to follow along with your favorite sports teams and figures with no hassle. Find out times, channels and locations of their next televised appearance.

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Sportizza is your personalized slice of live sporting events as they happen around the world. You will never miss your favorite player or team in action.
It sends you reminders for the live sporting events that you follow.
Contents of the app:

1. App contains information like the local start time of sporting events that you follow.
2. You can choose teams or sometimes even players to follow. This will remind you of any live events that the player or team participates in.
3. Get a listing of all major sporting events around happening around the world, including the TV coverage information*

* TV coverage information is only available for some countries and for some sport events. Check with your broadcaster for actual coverage information in your area. Broadcaster may change the TV times for any event, in which case, information on Sportizza may not be in sync.

** The name and logos of the teams in this application are used under “fair use” with the sole purpose of identification of the respective teams and leagues, and remain the property of their respective owners.
** This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by any professional sports organization or the NBA, NFL, MLS, NHL, EPL, WHL, OL, UEFA, FIFA, ICC, WTA, ATP, BWF, Nippon or any other Leagues.