Speedy is not just another custom keyboard, it brings the feeling of writing back to the iPhone or the iPad in a way that is not possible by typing.

Speedy, like all third-party keyboards for iOS, must first be enabled in the settings of your device to be used. To learn how to enable and/or install third-party keyboards on your iOS device, see our guide here.

Once you’ve got Speedy installed it’s time to being using it. When composing any sort of message, or typing anything for that matter, you’ll want to ensure that Speedy is the selected keyboard. By default, you’ll have a writing space on the left-hand side and a letter legend on the right-hand side. These can be swapped in the Speedy settings if you’d prefer it the other way around.

What sets Speedy apart from other keyboards is the fact that all of the letters require only one stroke of either a stylus or your finger. Keep in mind, the legend is to get you familiar with how to write the letters when composing your text, as they will need to be fairly similar in order for the text to be recognized. All letters will be lowercase by default but you can quickly get a capital by tapping on the up arrow at the bottom of the screen. And to make things easier, tap once on the writing area for a period and twice for a comma. Can you say time saver!?

Heading into the Settings of Speedy will let you choose from five different themes to make Speedy truly yours! And if you’d like Speedy to predict what you are writing you can also enable that in the Settings. Text prediction can save you tons of time on those lengthy messages and/or papers!

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