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When getting a new device there is always the question on wether or not to get a case to accompany it as well. There are obvious advantages to both but those of us that would rather feel a little safer with our devices usually opt to cover our device in some sort of case. The iPad Mini is no exception.

Currently there aren’t a whole lot of options when it comes to iPad Mini cases. There are some that just cover the back of the iPad Mini which is going to save it from the obvious scratches that can come but what about protecting the front glass? Also what about an iPad Mini case that does just more that protecting the device, what about one that makes it easier to type? That’s where the Speck FitFolio iPad Mini Case comes in.

Speck’s website states, Protect your iPad mini in tailored style with the fashion-friendly FitFolio! This sleek form-fitting case features a protective padded cover, soft microsuede interior, and a custom hard-shell cradle. FitFolio has a new snap closure to keep your case securely shut and is available in vegan leather or an array of all-new fabrics designed to match your personality.”

Watch our Speck FitFolio iPad Mini Case review video for more information.