sounds-of-christmas-iphone2If you are looking to put on a one man concert for you family and friends this holiday season then look no further than Sounds of Christmas by mDecks Music. With this musical app on your device you are sure to wow everyone you encounter.

When you first launch Sounds of Christmas you are given to option to choose either Right of Left handed use. This is done to ensure that everyone is able to make their music sound amazing without having to limit themselves to one mode. You can then pick from multiple fan favorite Christmas sounds and sounds including; Jingle Bells, Santa’s Sleigh, Snowball Fights, and more. Once you’ve picked a song or sound to play all you have to do is hold your device upright and shake it, then the Sounds of Christmas will being to fill the room with holiday cheer. You can shake your device for as long as you want and the sounds and songs will keep playing!

sounds-of-christmas-iphone3If you are familiar with reading musical sheets then Sounds of Christmas has you covered as well. There is a note-sheet that will tell you precisely how to hold your device and how to shake it to get the notes to play just right. You can, of course, just shake the device freely to make the notes play but you’ll be sure to have more fun playing it the way that it was intended to sound.

Sounds of Christmas by mDecks Music is going to provide you with countless hours of holiday fun. Be a one person concert or have friends and family join in and put on a musical show! Sounds of Christmas puts a modern twist on classical Christmas tunes. Spread Christmas cheer this holiday season. Download Sounds of Christmas by mDecks Music for your iPhone and iPod Touch today!

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