When traveling and finding new places to eat, drink and play we naturally ask our friends for recommendations, but there hasn’t been a great app that made it easy. Now there’s Smap.

To begin using Smap, you’ll need to sing in with either your Facebook or Twitter account. This will help you find all of your friends on Smap and being sharing all of your favorite places with them. Don’t worry if your friends aren’t on Smap yet, you can always invite them to join while you’re creating your account. And as with most social networks, you can find and friend new users while you wait for your friends to join.

Once you’ve signed in you’ll be brought to the Home feed of Smap. This is where you will see what everyone you’re following is up to. The Home feed will show you places people have liked, new photos they’ve shared, other comments and likes, as well as what you’ve been doing recently. Tapping on locations in the Home feed of Smap will take you to that locations page where you can see all of the vital information for that location. You can also tap on a user’s name and it will take you to their profile where you can see all of their information as well!

What really makes Smap great is the Search tab. This is where you can find new places by location, either your Current Location or a specific city, new Lists to follow, these are user-generated lists of places they’ve liked, and new People to follow! Places can be searched for by Category so you can find somewhere to go based upon what you are wanting. For example, if you’re looking for a place to have dinner you can search for places in the Dining category to find what you’re looking for. Once you’ve found a location you can like it, favorite it, or add it to a list to visit later! You’ll never be without a great place to go again!

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