Choosing the best gaming platform can be a tough decision. These days, it seems that every massively popular game is available on iOS, Android, and desktop computers. Each device has unique benefits for its users. If you own an iPhone, you’ve probably played Flappy Bird or Crossy Road. If you’re an Android gamer, you’re probably familiar with the Cut the Rope series. And traditional Mac/PC gamers are able to try countless titles on the internet without downloading any apps. One of the latest and greatest games is, and it’s available on every aforementioned platform. But, which one is best?

For mobile gamers, the convenience of playing on a phone is practically unbeatable. No longer do kids, teens, or nostalgic adults have to carry a Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita for on-the-go entertainment. The latest versions of the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy contain powerful processors that offer high-definition graphics and pro-quality sound. Combining cutting-edge chipsets with responsive touchscreens, modern smartphones are seemingly built for gaming.

Truth be told, plays remarkably well on the last few generations of Android phones and tablets, iPhones, and iPads. is a simple, straightforward multiplayer game. As a snake, you must slither across the flat, basic world and eat all of the orbs. As you grow, you become a bigger threat—and target—to others in the arena. The goal is to become the longest snake, and the game never gets more complex than that. For controls, you guide the snake towards any direction, and you can press one button for a speed boost. The barebones control scheme and well-designed graphics result in a pleasant experience on all relatively modern mobile devices. Play the web version of, though, and you’ll realize why the computer experience reigns supreme.

The best mobile phone or tablet screen simply doesn’t compare to a full-size computer monitor. 4K resolution aside, desktop and laptop computer screens are larger. And in the world of, larger is better. When playing the web version of, the viewable size of the game field is customizable. Thus, if you have a 34-inch gaming monitor or dual-screen setup, can stretch to accommodate. This virtually puts you in the game, giving you a better perspective and a more immersive experience. Perhaps the mobile game could eventually be modified to accommodate VR headsets. But until that happens, the experience of playing on a website like is unparalleled.

The web edition also has other benefits, including the ability to minimize the game field. This is beneficial when looking for a quick distraction from computer work. Instead of taking up an entire monitor or two, you can shrink to a small corner of your screen, allowing for brief gaming sessions that won’t be noticed by nearby coworkers (hopefully). Another benefit of the web edition is shared among many computer games: the use of a mouse. In, you can gently move your mouse anywhere on the screen to guide your snake. This provides more control and less work than holding a finger on the screen, as is required on mobile editions. When using a mouse, the cursor takes up much less screen space than a finger on a phone screen, giving you more visibility and a big advantage over mobile players. is a very amusing and addictive multiplayer game. Within a few seconds, you can enter the arena and compete against hundreds of others in real-time. Although it is available on mobile platforms, we highly recommend the web version on a desktop or laptop computer. The experience is bigger, more immersive, and you’ll develop a keen edge against gamers on mobile devices.

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