Slidely Show is a remarkable yet simple way for anyone to create a movie. Slidely Show lets you create and edit your own movie from pictures and videos from your camera roll, Facebook, Dropbox, and Instagram, while letting you add your favorite music! With Slidely Show, you can create a movie of the moments you want to remember.

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· Simple “tap to capture” functionality allows you to grab just the right moments within a video for an easy edit.
· Select, preview and add multiple clips from any of your videos!
· Custom slow motion and fast motion special effects.
· Save and share your movies to all your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube.
· Choose your favorite music from your private collection for that perfect soundtrack.
· Free download gets you all features with no in app purchases required

You don’t need any special edit skills or knowledge to create your own personal movie. Slidely is so easy to use that anyone can become a movie maker. Simply select clips from a video file that live on your Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox accounts, or on your camera, with the “capture clip” feature. Next add the photos you want in your movie. Then give it life with your music! Now you can share your movie to the world!