Silent Beacon for iPhone quickly and discreetly alerts an emergency contact of your location and that you need help.

Silent Beacon is a must have app for anyone who could find themselves in a potentially perilous situation. Once set up, Silent Beacon will attempt to contact one or more emergency contacts of your choosing to let them know that you are in danger. When possible, Silent Beacon also sends your emergency contacts your current location. If your contacts also have Silent Beacon installed, they can view a live map of your current location as well as where you’ve been since your beacon has been activated.

Setting up Silent Beacon is simple and straightforward: simply register and account, and assign your emergency contacts. Assigned contacts will receive a text message notifying them that they are your emergency contact. We suggest you discuss this with your chosen contact to plan and agree on a plan if the worst happens.

Silent Beacon can also be configured to dial 911 on activation of the beacon. Silent Beacon features support for their easy to use wireless key fob that can be used to activate your beacon even more discreetly. You can purchase the system separately from Silent Beacon’s website.

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