Stay safe and get help when you need it using Shake2Safety for Android devices.

Shake2Safety has a simple premise that could mean the difference between life and death: simple shake your device to send a message or make a phone call asking for help to a specified contact. Setup is simple: once you have downloaded the free Shake2Safety app from the Google Play store, you launch the app and select a phone number from your contacts. When the app is running, you will see an indicator in your status bar, as well as a notification in your phone’s notification drawer to inform you that Shake2Safety is active. Shake your device, and you will receive a vibration and a three second countdown before Shake2Safety sends a message to your selected contact asking for help.

ss1What’s more, when GPS is enabled, your exact location is shared in the message as well. Shake2Safety will send your last known location if location services are disabled on your device. And because Shake2Safety uses built-in SMS and phone calls, you don’t need a data connection. This means anywhere you get mobile signal, Shake2Safety will operate.

Shake2Safety lets you adjust the sensitivity of shakes, to prevent any unintended help messages being sent from the app. The setting is a slider ranging from 1 to 100, where 1 is the most sensitive setting, requiring the smallest shake to activate, and 100 is the least sensitive. While the app is set to 8 by default, most phones will be most effective between 1 and 25. Test it out with a friend or family member so that Shake2Safety works as you need it to.

ss2The message your contact receives is simple but clear: “Help! This is an emergency, Please Help Me”. Make sure to inform your contact that you have picked them to be your lifeline in potentially dangerous situations, and that they know what actions to take in the event they receive your message.

Shake2Safety is perfect for situations where you might not be able to call or message someone for help. Turn on Shake2Safety when you are walking to your car or your door at night, taking public transportation, or anytime you are alone and don’t feel 100% safe.

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