Seavus Project Viewer is a complete viewer for Microsoft Project, specially designed for project members who only need to open and view MS Project files (.mpp files). Take control of your project, increase your project execution, project control and monitoring processes by providing the same information to all users involved in a project.

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With Seavus Project Viewer you can track you project plans using:

– Gantt Chart view
– Task Sheet view
– Resource Sheet view
– Team Planner view (available as In-App purchase)
– Task and Resource tables
– Task and Resource filters
– Timescale formatting
– Sort task and resources
– Print (available as In-App purchase)

Seavus Project Viewer print feature enables you to print views from your project file. The process of printing the information you need is simple as clicking a button with previously refined and customized existing views.
• Select the view that best presents the information you want – you can apply different tables or filters, or change the way tasks, resources, or assignments are sorted.
• Preview a view before it is printed – previewing a view can help you verify content and display changes you made so you can adjust them again if necessary.
• Specify the options you want – you can print a range of pages (defined by page numbers) and print multiple copies. You can make changes to the way a printed view looks by specifying page setup options such as page orientation, scale, paper size.

The Team Planner view belongs to the resource assignment category of views presenting the assigned tasks as well as the tasks that are not assigned to anyone (such as milestones or ordinary tasks). The Team Planner view is split in two frames arranged vertically in the view. In each frame the project information is presented as a sheet on the left side of the view and as a chart on the right side of the view.
The Team Planner view allows project’s responsible to clearly and quickly see what their team is doing at any given point in the project schedule.
Project Managers, Team leads can use Team Planner view to:
• View tasks graphically while still having access to detailed information about the assigned resources;
• View the tasks in the project plan that are unassigned;
• View the unassigned areas and unscheduled areas in the project plan.

This is only a Viewer, that allows you to open and view .mpp files created in any Microsoft Project editions, including Microsoft Project 2010 and Microsoft Project 2013.

Displays project information and views with 100% accuracy, presenting the same project views as the project manager created them in Microsoft Project.