In the first episode of the State of Tech Podcast we are talking about the Galaxy S10 release from Samsung. Samsung released three new phones that will be shipping early March and they look great, but which one makes sense for you and what makes them different? Let’s talk about that in the first episode!

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Podcast Transcript (Automated)

Hey, what’s up? It’s Jerad with state of tech and this is the first episode of the State of Tech podcast where we take a little bit deeper dive into some different topics and stuff and just have more of a discussion about our technology. Uh, over on youtube we put up tech videos, reviews, tips and tricks, videos and stuff like that, trying to help you get the most out of your mobile technology. Uh, but those videos tend to be shorter. And, uh, even though I get a little wordy sometimes, uh, you know, having a conversation about technology as something that I definitely enjoy when I hang out with friends of mine who are equally as excited about technology as I am, it makes it a lot of fun to just have a conversation and talk about stuff. You know, especially when new devices come out, like the Samsung Galaxy s 10 series phones that were just launched yesterday, which we’re going to talk about in this inaugural episode or first ever episode or whatever you want to call it. So let’s jump right in.

So Samsung released their galaxy s 10 devices, which of course a lot of people were excited about because you get to a big number, like 10 and you just expect a all of the latest and greatest and the biggest updates to come out. I know that when I was a, you know, the S9 was announced, I was, you know, thinking to myself, well that’s a good phone. But yeah, they gotta be holding out on some stuff for the S10. And I think with the s 10 they have brought a beautiful device with a lot of updates and things to be excited about. So we’re going to talk about that in this episode and of course we’re going to do some comparisons and just kind of talk about what else is also available out there on the market. So most of us were not surprised when Samsung released three different variations of the phone.

I mean the iPhone has three different variations essentially that were launched last year. And so it only makes sense that Samsung would do the same thing. So we have the S10, the S10+ and the S10E. I liken those to the iPhone x s the iPhone x s max or 10 x Max or whatever you want to call it. And then the 10 are, so the three different devices are all a fantastic devices. Uh, they all take over a, uh, a major part of a different price class. The prices of these devices have been going up these last couple of years. Yeah. You at least these phones have been slowly going up over the years, but just in the last couple of years has actual phone prices really jumped substantially. And of course we can always thank apple for that. A, if an android platform device does a price hike like that, people go crazy over it and get mad and frustrated.

Uh, but it it to be okay when apple leads the way and then all of the other manufacturers follow suit. It’s kind of just the way it has been. So I got most excited of course about the s10+. Uh, the S10 is also a decent sized phone with great specs. It’s basically the same phone as the s10+, essentially just with a little bit smaller. I’m a little bit smaller form factor. Uh, and I, I believe there really isn’t a whole lot of a difference there. Uh, but what I’m super excited about and the phone that I actually preordered is that ceramic black phone. That thing just looks fantastic. Yes, I know the price is silly on it and it starts out at 512 gigs, which who needs that when you also have expandable storage, but hey, it’s just the way Samsung positioned it.

So I wanted to talk a little bit about, you know, what phone is right for who and then also kind of compare it against the other phones that I think are the best phones that are out on the market right now. You know, LG has been a teasing the launch of their new phones and LG really hasn’t had a very good time in the space in the last few years. They’ve really just struggled to, uh, to kind of get people to buy in to these devices, have theirs. Lg has always had great devices. I mean, they built several of the nexus phones back in the day. Their displays are on many different phones. They’ve got some fantastic hardware. It’s just they haven’t gotten it together. I guess maybe their marketing isn’t there. The devices are great. I mean, no complaints there. A Lg just really hasn’t been able to hold their own against Samsung, a iPhone and also with the Google Pixel.

So I’ve been rocking the Google Pixel three XL for a little while, uh, since its launch. And I really just love that device. Google, since they released the pixel line of these phones just hasn’t gone wrong. Since the phones have been fantastic, the prices have been good with the Pixel three XL, I wish it had a little bit more ram, but nonetheless, it’s still a great phone. But Samsung with their galaxy s 10 or their galaxy s line devices have always packed a lot of horsepower and left you really not wishing for anything more maybe than just a little bit more battery. So with the S10 line this year, of course they have the three different phones. And I wanted to talk a little bit about who that might be good for and then we’ll compare it. Talk about comparing it a little bit more to a different different devices all together.

So all of the s 10 devices come with that snapdragon eight 55 processor from Qualcomm. A that’s a very powerful processor. It’s the latest and greatest. Um, all the devices come with a base storage of 128 gigs. So you know, whether or not you want to put an SD card in it or not really doesn’t matter these days because of that base storage. And then of course those, most of those phones are expandable all the way up to a terabyte of internal storage, which is just silly. I mean, I have tried, try to really hard to use up a lot of space on my phone and unless you’re downloading tons of like four k movies, which are a higher resolution than your phone could play back, uh, you know, well anyways, uh, you’re just not going to fill up that device. And I’ve even tried using my android device as a storage device, like an external hard drive and it’s really been challenging to even come close to getting to use up all that storage.

However, I have heard some talk that Samsung is trying to get Adobe to do a version of premiere rush cc, I guess they’re not cc, that’s the downloadable version for the PC. But premier rush, they’re trying to get a version of premiere rush for Android, which only exists on iOS right now. Now premier rush is a, a a decent little video editor. I mean you could put together some pretty nice little videos. Uh, all, I’ll link to just a quick one that I put together just to test it out, down in the uh, uh, with the show notes. And then of course, anything that I mentioned here on the podcast will be available if you go over to state of for episode one, uh, you’ll get the latest notes with all the links. But premiere rush, I mean if you’re going to be video editing on your phone, that’s when you might start to use a little bit more storage space.

But a terabyte, I mean my goodness, my laptop has a terabyte and I don’t even have it full uh, of of stuff. So nonetheless, a, a terabyte is a lot of space and some of you might want that. So expandable micro SD storage of course a expandable storage up to 512 gigs. So you can throw 512 gigs in that device, which means if you go with the base storage of 128 gigs and then go and get a 512 gigabyte a micro SD card, you’re going to have a ton of storage and it’s going to be a lot cheaper to go that route as well. However, my experiences have been that internal storage on the phone is much better than putting a micro SD card in there. There are a lot of apps that you can’t move over to the micro SD cards. So a few download, a lot of big games and a lot of movies and all that stuff.

A lot of downloadable stuff like movies and music and whatnot can easily be stored on that micro SD, but some apps actually don’t allow themselves to be moved over to that micro SD storage. So you’ll have to consider your usage and whatnot. If I feel like if you are a person who who uses larger APPS, you’re probably already aware of this and aware of the limitations there. Um, so the dynamic AMOLED, uh, with the reduce blue light and this thing they’re calling HDR 10 plus wide color gamut is available on all the devices. Obviously Samsung is great at making panels for phones, for laptops, for pretty much anything. Samsung really has screens, uh, nailed and their devices are always beautiful. So I can only imagine what these are going to look like with that Hdr 10 plus in there of course compatible with the new faster Wifi version six, which isn’t necessarily available on all of our typical Wifi devices yet.

Um, just like, uh, some phones are going to start saying that they are compatible with, um, uh, lt and that’s not LTE. It’s like 5E or something. I had at&t’s calling it a 5GE or whatever speeds and, and whatever. All those things mean there’s some devices that are going to come out with that kind of support. Wifi six is the latest and greatest, you know, a lot of our computers and routers and stuff like that, we’ll say that they support, um, 802.11 a c or in or B or n, are these different letters and essentially, um, I think what they’re doing is they’re just going with a solid number just to make it less confusing because the lettering system has always been a little confusing. And so with Wifi six, um, it’s, it’s going to be much faster.

The bandwidth over a is going to be much faster. For those of you that game, you know, that a lot of times it’s easier and better just to be connected via an Ethernet cable to your Internet to get better. Uh, just to get better transfer rates and all that stuff. A wifi six are supposed to kind of fix some of those things and give us better rates so we don’t necessarily have to be cabled in, um, of course that doesn’t necessarily matter on a phone, but if you’re playing some of those more intense games that require faster connections, um, and, uh, and you’re, you’re obviously having to play that over wifi because it’s a smartphone and you can’t plug an Ethernet into most smartphones. That wifi six when it becomes available is going to give you a better experience. Of course, the wireless, uh, you know, powershare, they’re calling it, you could charge other devices by resting them on the S10’s back.

That’s kind of neat. Um, of course the s10 also has wireless charging itself. So say for example, my iPhone or my pixel XL, I can put it up against the back of my S10 and share power right there. Pretty cool. It’s also all of these are IP 68 water resistant, which means they’re decently submerged underwater. Um, this varies. You know, and I’ll, I’ll talk about this for a brief second, that the Ip 68 water resistance does not mean it’s waterproof. It does mean that it’s splashproof. It means that some water can hit those ports and that you’ll be okay. And really it’s up to the manufacturer to give you what that rating means. And that means like how far can it be submerged and for how long those two things actually aren’t part of the Ip 68 resistance rating. So if something says just IP 68 certified, that doesn’t mean that you can actually submerge it under water.

The iPhone was IP 68 water resistant and I had one of those flood out on me. And so it, you have to look at what the actual manufacturer says. And then on top of that, you being able to prove that that’s what happened. These manufacturers will take no responsibility. So if you do plan on using your phone in the in or around water, I highly recommend getting a replacement plan, uh, on those like, uh, with Samsung they have a replacement plan, I think it’s like $12 or something like that for the device. And uh, and, and that, you know, is your insurance fast wireless charging wireless charging 2.0 is what these phones are going to have. Wireless charging 2.0 has been out for a long time and wireless charging 3.0 has been out for a long time also. And it’s kind of weird that that hasn’t been supported.

3.0 is much faster. Samsung hasn’t jumped on board with 3.0 but that’s okay. I mean wireless charging is still pretty fast even at version 2.0 so, all of the galaxy s10 models also share at least two of the same cameras that primary, a dual aperture camera on the back, which is that f 1.5 or f 2.4 12 megapixel. And then also the ultra wide 123 degree field of view 16 megapixel camera. So, uh, they share that camera, but then of course there’s differences there with the cameras when it comes to the front cameras on the, um, the S10 and S10+. And then also the fact that there’s three cameras on some of those. So interesting. They’re, so with that said, like what is the difference? Like which phone should you really get a, when it comes to the s10 s10+ or s10e.

So I think that the s10 is going to be really good for those people who want a flagship phone, uh, but don’t want to pay over a thousand dollars for it. That s10 is an okay price. It’s still a little pricey in my opinion, but of course these are fantastic phones. It’s the pricing that we’re going to be dealing with for a while. So if you want a phone that, that isn’t really like huge because the s10 plus really is kind of a big phone. Uh, keep in mind the s10, um, a 6.1 inch a display that’s that’s pretty good size as it is the s10 plus as the 6.4, so a 6.1 inch displays pretty big. So, uh, it, that might be enough. That’s a quad hd plus a curved OLED display with a 3,800mAh battery, which I think is definitely more than enough to get you through the day.

It’s a big enough panel for most of us out there. However you’ll want to pick the S10 plus if you want that bigger display and bigger battery, that 6.4 inch quad HD plus curved OLED and that 4,100 mil amp battery. So that of course is the bigger one. And then, and then the s10 plus also has a couple of those options for that 12 gigabytes of Ram. That’s something I didn’t mention or talk about yet is the fact that these devices are coming with either eight or 12 gigabytes of Ram. Now eight gigabytes of Ram is a lot of Ram for a smartphone. I mean my Google Pixel, three XL I believe only has four gigabytes and it does okay. And my s nine plus that I had last year as well as the note nine that I had a I believe had six and eight gigabytes of Ram and that’s just more than enough, 12 gigabytes And here’s why. They would put 12 gigabytes in these larger storage devices. The actual storage being used, being utilized and being available in your device is going to take up more ram. And that sounds a little weird and I don’t really want to go into depth on explaining that, but larger storage devices like that five 12 gigabyte and that one terabyte are gonna require more ram. If they didn’t put more ram in those devices, you would essentially be getting less ram than you should have gotten because just the simple fact of having that much storage is using it more. Well, that leaves us with the S10e, which is a 5.8 inch full HD plus Oled display notice the lack of the quad HD. So it is a little lower resolution. Uh, kind of like the iPhone 10R, which is what my wife has And I’ll tell you the truth on that. The iPhone 10R is a beautiful phone and a fantastic phone and a well-priced phone in comparison to the others. So don’t think that you have to go full S10 or s 10 plus here. Uh, you’re also gonna get a 3,100 milliamp battery with your s10e, which is smaller. It’s a smaller battery. Uh, keep in mind that still has that snapdragon eight 55, um, it has less ram. It has six gigabytes of Ram. Um, and uh, you know, with that device, you also get a base of 128 gigabytes. So at that price point, which I believe is $749, uh, the s10 is $899, and the S10 plus starts out at $999. So for $750, you’re, you’re getting a great phone. You’re still getting that oled, a full HD, which the full HD, they’re calling it on the iPhone 10R is great, even though it’s not like a quad HD, like on the bigger phones, um, you know, it’s, it’s still a great phone. So think about it like that. Kind of the same way with iPhone how they have the three different devices. Samsung has their three different devices as well. So really it comes down to will those things make a difference for you? And you know, to be honest, some of them won’t make a difference for me. Uh, I’m really just going with the plus because when I do my reviews and when I’m, uh, you know, talking about these devices, I want to make sure that I have the device that has all of the options. So it has all the cameras, it has all of the different features, like the s 10 plus has the three cameras on the back that do different things.

And I’m going to talk more about that when I get my device and I start to review it. I’m going to do a, a, a first shot series, uh, over on ditch auto, which is another youtube channel that I run, which is more photography based. And I want to talk there about going out and shooting with those cameras, doing different things with them, time lapsing, all the fun things that you can do with those cameras. Uh, so if you’re interested in that, you’ll want to make sure to head on over to Ditch Auto’s youtube channel, and subscribe. I’ll put a link in the show notes as well. Okay, so let’s start to compare this s10 plus against the flag ships, the top level flagships that are available, uh, from these other manufacturers. So I have an iPhone 10s Max. That’s kind of my daily driver because I’m using a apple watch right now as well.

And then of course, I have the Google Pixel three XL. Now the 6.4 inch SMOLED with the 3040 by 1440 pixels that we have a on that s 10 plus is closely matched by the iPhone tennis Max, which is a 6.5 inch super retina OLED. So not AMOLED, but OLED panel with 2,688 by 1242 pixels. So there’s differences there. The phone itself. The display itself that you’re getting on the iPhone 10s Max is going to be a little bit bigger. Um, even though the dimensions of the actual device are so, so, so close, and I’ll go over those in a second, but then we have the pixel three XL with it’s super notch on the top. It does have a big notch. Uh, but that’s because of those big cameras that it has on the front facing cameras, which I’m going to be really interested to see if the Samsung Galaxy s 10 plus with its dual front cameras can compete with the, uh, the pixel three XL.

Nothing competes with the Pixel. Three XL front facing cameras, they’re fantastic. Uh, but that 6.3 inch, a pixel three XL has what they’re calling flexible OLED, a 2,960 by 1440. So much, much closer to the size of the display of the, uh, the actual s 10 plus. So the pixels per inch is also interesting. The PPI of a, which is the pixel density of, of the screens themselves, the S10 plus and the pixel three has the same. The iPhone 10s Max is actually lower at 458 and so the other two have 522 so you’re getting those pixels are just much closer together, um, and should produce a better experience overall in image quality. So the size of these devices are all really, really close. The actual dimension in inches for all of these devices, uh, is 6.2 inches in height. So 6.2 inches in height are the same for all of these devices regardless of whether you’re getting a 6.4 inch s 10 plus a 6.5 inch XS or 10s Max or a 6.3 inch pixel three XL.

Um, where there’s a little bit of differentiation is the width of the device. The uh, s 10 plus as 2.92 inches. The iPhone is um, 3.0 inches in width. And then the same goes for the, um, the pixel three. The thickness is also barely different. The 0.3 inches across the board with the exception of the S10 plus is 0.31 inches. So those devices are all super close to the same in size. Um, it just looks like the iPhone is giving you just a smidge bigger of a screen because they are, have mounted those speakers in a different way and kind of giving you less of a Bezel on the top and the bottom of the device. Um, the weight of the devices, the, uh, the Samsung s 10 is coming in at 6.17 ounces, which is more than a full ounce, less than the iPhone 10s Max and a, and also less than the pixel three XL.

The Pixel three XL feels light. So I’m excited to get an s 10 plus in my hands to feel just how light that feels in comparison to the others. Of course, uh, the operating systems, android 9.0 so you’re getting the latest android on the s 10 plus. Keep in mind though with the Samsung phones that it takes them quite a while to roll out new versions, uh, of, of android to their devices. The s nine is just now starting to get, uh, that, those, those types of updates. Um, and that’s, you know, almost a year since that phone came out. So you have to keep in mind that it’s going to be a while before you’re going to see android 10. Uh, of course the pixel three XL, we’ll get that probably this fall, maybe early fall. It really just depends. So the thing that really sticks out to me is the fact that they put three cameras on the back of the s10.

Now the dual camera thing, I understand that and you know, I was, uh, of course the pixel three XL doesn’t even have dual cameras that just has one camera on the back that does a lot of things really well. Personally, I was really hoping that Samsung would do some, uh, some, some technology advancements when it comes to the back camera. Uh, but they decided to go with three cameras because why the heck not? It’s sad. It seems easier I think to just really put three different cameras with three different lenses on the back of the phone and essentially you have kind of like a whole lens kit in your pocket a whereas there are companies that sell lens adapters for your phones and whatnot and, and you can swap out those lenses. Samsung saying we’re just going to throw a bunch of them on the back of your phone and call it good.

From what I understand, it sounds really easy to switch between those cameras. Um, and so I’ll be interested to check that out. But we have that 16 megapixel ultra wide angle camera, which is a, a lot bigger than the size the megapixel that comes out of the other, the other cameras. Now, the thing about that ultra wide from what I understand is the ultra wide does not have auto focus the ultra wide and it doesn’t necessarily need auto focus because uh, an ultra wide image is going to have such a deep depth of field that chances are everything’s going to be in focus there. Uh, but I, I don’t like the idea of not having auto focus on that or any way to actually focus that shot even manually. The Camera Lens, uh, that specific one just has no focusing ability at all. But then we do also have those other 12 megapixel shooters, that wide angle.

And then the Telephoto, uh, cameras on there. Those are more 12 megapixel like the other phones and like the previous version of the camera’s on these, uh, s devices and, uh, they’re supposed to be re revised and revamped cameras and it’s supposed to be all good. Uh, so I’m, I’m interested to check that out. Where I am really interested is in the dual front cameras on this, a Samsung phone. Of course, the dual front facing cameras on the, uh, on the pixel three have been fantastic for doing a portrait mode and just making great photos. Uh, also the low light functionality on the Pixel. Three XL is fantastic. So I’m really interested to see what Samsung’s been able to do there. Uh, so just moving down, I don’t, I don’t want to go too deep into many more of these things. Of course. Um, the battery is huge on this phone.

4,100mAh where the pixel three has a pixel, three XL has a 3,430mAh battery. Um, so, you know, battery life should be really great and Samsung’s phones have gotten really good at managing their, uh, their battery usage as well. Um, and not just eating up batteries like android use to, to really do, especially on Samsung phones. Um, and interesting thing is going to be that in screen fingerprint sensor. You know, I really fell in love with fingerprint sensors on the back of the phone because they’re easy to find. Um, not so much on the Samsung phones, but on the pixel three XL, it’s really easy to find that fingerprint scanner and as you’re pulling your phone out of your pocket, you place your finger right in that fingerprint scanner. And by the time the phone is in front of your face and ready to use, everything is unlocked and ready to go.

Uh, whereas with an iPhone you have to wait for face id to do its whole thing. And with a lot of other phones that have that fingerprint scanner, like just down in the very bottom of the phone, you have to hold the phone kind of weird and get your thumb just there so that you can unlock it. So the end screen, fingerprint sensor, I’m, I’m interested in that for sure. Um, hey, they kept the headphone Jack. Most people were thinking Samsung was going to ditch a headphone Jack, but it is there and I’m a somewhat happy about that. I don’t really care so much anymore, but in the truck that I currently drive, I don’t have Bluetooth audio. I have a Bluetooth audio device and I’ve, I’ve made a video about that device that I use a so that it’s easy for me to just Bluetooth music straight into my car without having to have any additional cables plugged into my phone.

Um, so make sure to check out that link in the show notes. Um, but the headphone Jack definitely is nice, especially if you jump in a friend’s car and they don’t want to go through the process of Bluetooth pairing your phone to their car. So it’s nice to have that headphone Jack just as a fail safe. So, you know, the S10 plus is here, the S10, the S10E, they’re higher priced than previous models. Uh, they’re higher spec than previous models. And so I’m interested to hear what all of you have to say in regards to this device. There are several ways that you can talk with me and we can share our thoughts. Of course there is the state of tech Twitter, there is the state of tech, Instagram and there is the state of tech, Facebook. Uh, and then if you want to go really old school, you can go over to the state of website and click on that contact box and shoot me a message.

Um, but the one last thing that I actually forgot is that there is a comment section underneath the show notes. So if you go to down at the bottom underneath the show notes is a comment section. You can leave some comments there. Uh, of course. So if you haven’t yet, if you are new to state of tech and you made it all the way through this 30 minute talk on the s line of phones this year, uh, then you would definitely want to check out our youtube channel over a on youtube. Of course, state of tech is that channel. Go to All of these links are in the show notes, so thanks for checking that out in advance. Um, if there’s any product or something that you click on, chances are some of them are affiliate links and it definitely helps support our channel here.

So clicking on those links is highly appreciated, even if it’s just to go and look and see what the specs are or what the current pricing is. So that’s going to do it for this first ever episode of the State of Tech podcast. I hope that you enjoyed it. Uh, I would love some feedback and maybe even you have some topics that you would like discussed or some things that you think would make this podcast awesome. Share them in the comment section at that show notes page,, just the number one and that’s it. And I hope to see you back here soon. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast on whatever podcast platform you use, whether it’s iTunes or, uh, the iTunes podcast APP, Spotify, any of those apps. And if there is an option to leave a review of this podcast. I know this is early. I know this is my first episode and I really don’t deserve a review from you yet, but if you really liked it and you want to share some love at Hanover and review the podcast, it will help other people find it because odd casts with reviews are more interesting to check out. Then ones that don’t. So thanks again. My name’s Jerad and I hope to see you back here soon on the state of tech podcast. Take care.