Rooftop Frenzy puts players on a mission to rid a city of all evil playing as a stickman Kung Fu master! Running across the urban rooftops players will punch, kick, spin, and jump through all enemies that should oppose them. Collect coins to purchase power-ups for the Kung Fu master to ensure that you complete your mission. Get as far as you can in Rooftop Frenzy, your city depends on it!

Rooftop Frenzy’s gameplay is all gesture driven, you’ll have to swipe across the screen for your Kung Fu master to fight. Swiping up will make the Kung Fu master jump, swiping down will make him slide, swiping right will make him punch, and swiping left will make him kick. You can also combine swipes to do special moves such as swiping down and right will do a drop punch, swiping up and left will do a spin kick, swiping up twice will do a double jump, and double tapping will activate your shield. Some of the enemies you will encounter can only be defeated by the special moves but if you use them on regular enemies you will receive extra points for doing so.

The Store in Rooftop Frenzy is where you can purchase coins to enable you to get some power-ups. The power-ups in Rooftop Frenzy are Double Jump and Shield. The Double Jump will allow the Kung Fu master to jump twice as high as he normally would be able to. This can come in handy when there is a large gap in-between rooftops and you aren’t going to make it. The Shield will protect the master from all dangers for a short amount of time. When the shield is active you won’t need to attack enemies or duck below obstacles. The power-ups will help you ensure that the Kung Fu master defeats as many enemies as possible.

Take down any and all enemies in Rooftop Frenzy. Try Rooftop Frenzy for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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