Roamer makes international roaming fees for overseas calls a thing of the past!

If you have ever made a call with your regular cell phone while overseas, you probably understand that you don’t want to make calls with your regular cell phone overseas. The huge roaming fees for international calls and data use levied by your carrier can be jaw-dropping if not kept in check. Luckily, Roamer can eliminate these huge fees.

Roamer offers the lowest possible call rates that get even cheaper when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, without sacrificing your phone number! That means calls to your friends, family, and coworkers won’t be receiving calls from strange, unknown international phone numbers, and you can still receive calls at your own number without the sky-high rates. And if you want to make sure you are fully covered once you get to your destination, you can order a fully loaded, prepaid SIM card that’s compatible with both your phone and your destination’s locale.

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