By now the whole world knows that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is being recalled due to battery issues. The problem is that most of the Galaxy Note 7 owners have not returned their phones. Though it is reported that only a small percentage of phones are having this problem, that number seems to be growing daily.

People seem to be in denial about the phone’s issues. I get it, it’s a beautiful phone, and it’s a ton of fun to use. It’s also cool to live on the edge with a piece of explosive in your pocket. Now I know it is not that bad. People are only having battery issues when their phone is plugged into the charger. The main issue I have is that I do not think that many people realize how unstable Lipo batteries really are. I am surprised that more phones do not have battery issues like the Note 7 is experiencing. Just check out some of the videos I linked up below on Lipo battery (lithium polymer battery) problems.

Regardless, I still think it’s a good idea to send in your phone. Who knows if your phone is going to have an issue. When a company goes out of it’s way to either provide you with a full refund or give you something over and above the original cost just to get back their mistake, you take it.

This explosion happened to a lipo battery shortly after some smoke came from the battery during charging:

Lipo Batteries Explained (this video is about drone batteries but the same goes for phone batteries):