Have you ever sent a friend a photo or video and wished you could visibly witness their reaction rather than receive the same old ‘LOL’ or ‘OMG’ response? Well, it’s now possible with Reactr.

Reactr is a quick, fun and simple-to-use photo and video-sharing app with a real-time benefit. Once the selfie photo is taken or video recorded, the sender can customize their message and share with their friends. Upon receipt, the recipient can then share their real-time selfie reaction, via photo or video, with the original sender so that they can see first-hand how they responded.

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Reactr has the privacy of users covered, too. The captured reaction is not automatically sent back to the sender in response. The recipient must first decide if they want to share their reaction or not. Reactions can only be shared with friends, too, so there’s no risk of sending a reaction to someone you don’t know. And your favorite reactions can be downloaded so that those moments can be captured forever.