Create amazing paintings from your photos.

Psykopaint is for those of us who are crazy painters. Manipulate your photos into some new and beautiful work of art.

Download “Psykopaint” here for your Mac.
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The most popular painting app on the web! Now on the Mac App Store!!!
***** Download cnet 5/5 *****
***** Softonic 9/10 *****
***** Chrome Web Store (>1.000.000 users) 4/5 *****

Psykopaint is the most insanely awesome painting app.

Create unique pieces very easily and have totally unique brushes either from scratch or using a photo.

The many ways our users use it for:
– As a secret weapon for many up and coming artists mixing digital art and traditional medias. (ex Russ Mills)

– To showcase their painting skills on the gallery and start a new career.

– As entertainment tool. Psykopaint is a very fun painting tool. Even if you don’t know how to paint.

– In architecture, to give a more organic feel to renders.

– As a teaching ressource for schools, to learn about composition and what makes a great painting using the powerful photo-painting capabilities.

– As a therapeutic tool. Used in hospitals, rehab centers, prisons and mental institutions. As Psykopaint let you quickly achieve the feeling of flow, one of the side effect is to make users become happier and remove stress levels. (One painting a day will keep the psychologist away!)