Get 15% off from Agent18 and the iPhone App Podcast by entering “Hill15” when you check out. This coupon code is good for any product on their site but you can not use this coupon with any other coupon code.

I first saw an Agent18 case in the flesh when I was at MacWorld in early 2008. I saw an iPhone with the case and had to have one. So I ordered one and fell in love with it. Now with the 3G I have a new Agent18 case. Agent18 was kind enough to send me a case to review and offer this coupon code for all of our viewers. The case runs $29.99 but don’t forget your discount of 15%. You can also find Agent18 gear at your local Target and Apple Stores but you won’t get 15% off there. It sure would be funny though to walk up to the check out line at Target and say HILL15 until somebody did something.

Price: $29.99
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