Preside is a full featured email client that allows you to perform all of your email management from your mobile device. Manage messages in your accounts once and move on.

When you first open Preside, you’ll need to sign in with an email account of your choosing. Preside currently supports Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Office365, Outlook, Rackspace, and more! There’s even the ability to set up custom IMAP and POP3 accounts should you need to. And don’t worry, you can always sign into more than one type of account at any given time.

Once your email account is logged in and ready to go, Preside will then begin downloading all of your emails for offline storage. Preside will do all of this in the background, so you can still access, organize, and send emails as they are downloading. The downloading is a great feature as this will let you organize and file away email without an internet connection and then once your device is connected it’ll then sync all of the changes to your email accounts server.

Another awesome feature of Preside is the fact that you can turn emails into actionable items. You can take any email from your inbox and choose to convert it into a task that you can add to Reminders. You can also take any email and convert it to a calendar entry as well! As a bonus, Preside currently integrates with over 15 apps such as Evernote, Things, Fantastical, and more!

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