power-clean-screen-2Power Clean was designed to free up storage, clean memory usage, and remove/disable unnecessary apps on your Android devices. Do you feel like your Android device is performing sluggishly? Speed it up with Power Clean!

Powerful Interface
From the main menu you have quick access to all of the vital information of your device. At the top of the screen you can glance at how much storage is available on your device, the current CPU usage, and the current RAM usage. Tapping on one of the charts in this section will quickly launch the cleaning command for that and being cleaning your device. Below the charts you will see shortcuts to the rest of the tools Power Clean offers.

power-clean-screen-1Memory Booster
Cleaning the memory, or RAM, on your device is essential to maintain its speediness. Tapping on the Memory Boost will allow Power Clean to scan your device to see what apps are hogging all of your memory. Once the scan is completed Power Clean will terminate any apps that don’t need to be running thus clearing that RAM and making it available to use. Best of all, this is all done with just one tap!

A really neat feature with Memory Boost is the ability to add apps to an Ignore List. What this will do is tell Power Clean to not clear those apps out of memory when you enable the Memory Booster. This can be helpful if you don’t want Power Clean to close out Google Maps when you’re getting driving directions or close your Music app when you’re listening to music. To do this all you have to do is tap and hold on the app from the Memory Boost screen and a pop-up will appear asking if you’d like to add to the Ignore List. Tapping on apps will also allow you to Force Quit them as well as cleaning the apps individually.

power-clean-screen-4Junk Cleaner
The Junk Clean option in Power Clean is going to scan your device for any unwanted files, caches, and downloads that you no longer need. Once Power Clean has scanned your device you will be able to select which files you no longer want on your want by checking them off on the screen. As you select files to clean you will see a running tally of how much space will be cleared once you initiate the clean. Once you have all of the files you want cleaned selected just tap on the Clean Junk at the bottom of the screen and Power Clean will remove all of the selected files

power-clean-screen-5App Manager
The App Manager inside of Power Clean will show you all of the apps you have installed on your device as well downloaded files. You can sort the list of apps by Total Size, App Size, Date of Installation, Name, or Frequency of Use. From there you can choose the uninstall apps from your device by checking off apps and then tapping uninstall in the bottom right corner. There is an option to back up apps to your devices SD card, if you have one, otherwise the backup with live internally on your device. Another advantage to an SD card slot is Power Cleans ability to move apps from internal storage to the SD card thus freeing up storage internally.

power-clean-screen-6Device Information
The final area inside of Power Clean is the Device Information section. Here you will find some basic information about your device such as Model Number, CPU Speeds, Max RAM, Internal Storage, and more. There are also some sections where you can see detailed information such as Battery Temperature, CPU Temperature, Battery Usage, and Device Specific Features. Knowing this sort of information can help you better understand your device and get the most out of it day-to-day.

Give your Android device the tune-up that it needs. Download Power Clean for FREE in the Google Play Store!

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