Travel to different planets with over 70 levels and defeat bosses to accomplish each mission!

Download “Planet Pang 3D” for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
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Planet Pang 3D is a remake of the classic game pang.

This game combines the fantastic classic gameplay with awesome 3D graphics, sounds and cool effects.

Starring an astronaut hero you will begin your journey in the Earth and you will travel among different planets to eradicate the alien bubble invasion. Use different weapons, shields and some other items like dynamites or EMPs to help you achieve your goal.

This game guarantees a lot of hours of fun, with more than 70 levels based on the 3 stars rating system you will need to unlock the different planets as you complete the levels in time.

Discover each planet unique features and face a boss in every one of them that will try to stop your mission. Do not miss each planet final video after defeating each boss.

If you need some help (as this game is quite a challenge) you may buy some items in the store to start with them.

Do not wait anymore and save the universe!